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2010-07-04 04:27 pm
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 Totally had a jacked up Zombie dream last night. For some reason Alexander Semin was with me fighting zombies. I have the most vivid zombie dreams too so when I woke up I was confused that I wasn't standing next to him whacking zombies with a baseball bat. Talk about a let down.

Also my cousin/his wife/kid are here so now there are 7 people in our house. Rah! Actually it's not that bad. My cousin knows what a total fuck up/crazy pants individual my dad is so it's nice to have someone GET why this is fucked up. Also we went mini-golfing and idk why but the golf place gave us this card with points on it and you could only go on one course, but we realized nothing was monitoring us so we played two rounds of mini golf. I got two holes in one even though I seriously tend to happy gilmore whack the shit out of the ball without aiming about halfway through any course set because it gets to the point where I realize that aiming and being gentle isn't working so fuck it here's the ball, windmill. 

Tomorrow I have to drive to LA. FML. At least I get to to to Amoeba records. WHICH REMINDS ME! Give me music recs! I am starting to listen to three albums in a loop again. 
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2010-05-16 11:46 am
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Been getting shit done and wearing women's underwear. Like Cary Grant.

First off I need to mention that my fighting the zombie hoard dreams are back. Now they include hockey players fighting along side me. My brain finally realized it could mix the two when I was sleeping. I need to do some research and see if there is any hockey zombie or sports zombie movies and then binge watch them to make these dreams occur more often apparently. 

My thesis prospectus presentation was on Friday and it actually went extremely well. The professors responded really positively to it and were very enthusiastic about it. They did not have any major issues with it other than I should just some cities out to save time or think about other contexts to work in etc. Nothing major like the other presenters got, as in how is this original research. To me, the whole point of getting into history and going on to get my masters and PhD is to add new topics and research to the field, if only for my own financial/career benefit.  

Luckily my friend Holly offered to take notes for me during the Question and Answer period so I could keep track of the detailed suggestions/questions/etc. and send an email to my committee so we could keep track of everything etc. I got a lot of great suggestions and will probably be cutting Tahiti out of my Thesis. I am going to write a paper on it at some point because of the amount of research I have done and the interest I have in it. If only so I can do it proper justice by adding the Cold War context to the section without having to this context to my whole Thesis, which would just be a huge mess to tackle. I am going to start a file just for this and maybe I will work on it to turn in for the History awards next year and then save it for later publication. This would be a good way to get myself further into the Post-Colonial World field. 

In other news I am still trying to tie up loose ends on the copyright situation but a good chunk of them still haven't responded back to my email so I have no idea what is going on with them. I will probably send my professor an email with those that I am waiting for a response back from and the date I sent the email so he can keep track of it. As of right now this book is going to be published summer 2011 so fingers crossed! They will be giving us each a copy of this too! My first published work, guys. 

I seriously need to get this other paper done though. I am seriously done with this semester and want to relax before I start work and more research. 
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2010-04-27 12:07 pm
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There are weird dreams and then there are weird dreams. Ok?

I had a dream I was in some town that my dream self had been before. So I was walking around saying hi and catching up to people, which would never happen in real life because I fail at befriending entire towns ok. The thing is is that Alexander Ovechkin, Brooks Laich, Alexander Semin, Nicklas Backstrom and Evgeni Malkin were all travelling with me and I was trying to convince them that this particular coffee shop was amaaaaaazing and so was trying to get them to go there. BUT all of them except Ovechkin kept wandering off so we were the only ones trying to get to the coffee shop, holding hands and skipping and shit (WHAT IS THIS).

After we got there and got coffee and started walking back to the car, along the canals of the city no joke, Greta and Bob from the Hush Sound kept texting me to try to find me because apparently we were best friends and they wanted to meet up with me. So they finally caught up with me at my car, which was the Mirthmobile from Wayne's World (licorice dispenser included). And we hung out until Ovechkin had to help me dress up like a man and bind my chest because I had to convince someone of something, but only as a man and only because it was funny to them. Then I woke up. 

Ok what? I get the coffee shop adventures and maybe the mirthmobile but what is this even. I think the game traumatized me into this dream. I miss my zombie apocalypse dreams you guys. I want my grenade launchers back. 
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2010-04-26 11:51 am
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Ga ga ooh la la.

 Dreams about the zombie apocalypse have now been replaced with hockey dreams and ones with me meeting Tim Gunn and talking about him being Iron Man in a comic book. 

I have three weeks until my Thesis Prospectus presentation and I DNW. I DNW so hard. >:| I hate public presentations because I start getting all vocally wobbly and start STUTTERING WORDS and it's just ridiculous. So I am hopeful that I will do well but I KNOW I WILL BE RIDICULOUS once I get to the podium. 

IN OTHER NEWS. I think I am over being sick now that I blew my nose so much I almost made myself throw up. It would have been funny if I wasn't so disgustingly sick for two weeks prior to this moment. At least today I feel better. 

I think I am going to go eat a box of blackberries to celebrate while I read about the French and the British getting into Naval slap fights over territories in Canada that were a waste of time. What Stephen Colbert would refer to as the owls of Colonial America.

Edit: This is officially the best article I have read in two semesters. For some ridiculously wrong reasons and my love for war in the 18th century and Napoleon. It's love.
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2010-03-02 01:24 pm
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I've finally stopped having dreams about zombies. It's been like 8 months of dreams where I am fighting off zombies with uzis and grenades.  Last night I had my first I am a male hockey player who is really a female but it's a secret dream. What? I think it also involved cheesecake and frozen yogurt. Look at my brain's new priorities.

I finally got my lettuce from the backyard and am eating it with no salad dressing. My grandma makes fun of me but if vegetables are fresh then they are delicious without dumping a butt ton of ranch on them. 

Also I am freaking out over my thesis prospectus. I am terrified it's not going to get done on time even though I am working on it. IDEK. I always feel like I never do enough in my school work.