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I don't add people I don't know.
01 January 2011 @ 01:53 am
34/50 books and a total of 8967 pages  [ profile] 50bookchallenge 

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14 November 2010 @ 03:52 pm
  • Last night I had a really eccentric dream about a baseball amusement park where you could meet the Giants when you got off the ride and everything was in French. And hockey players were involved because of course they were. 
  • I am at the part of the semester where I simultaneously have nothing and everything under control because of the amount of papers and books I am trying to finish for many different projects. So I am constantly waffling through moments of strutting "we bad" moments and moments of pure abject terror. 
  • I got a new flickr account (Here!) and have been slowly uploading my pictures onto it. There are pictures of various sporting events, but right now there are mainly pictures of Russia, as well as various other vacations I have gone on, and random other stuff I found on my external hard drive. 
  • Starting winter break I need to: 1. start looking/sign up for French language programs, 2.find a job where I can work while I write my thesis, 3. start my PhD planning. 
  • My SF Giants world series gear is a city away from me (I have been tracking my order since it shipped) and it's Sunday so I have to wait until tomorrow or Tuesday for it >:| Bitches. 
  • I need to work on an exact plan for my vacation and get a bus ticket from DC to NYC for this winter and I need to start exercising again.
FML I am so busy
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 It's been a week since the Giants won the world series and I still burst into happy smiles and laughter over it. Which is good because now that the semester is coming to an end (and I am already suffering from exhaustion) I need something happy to cling onto while I do the end of semester burning the candle at both ends thing that tends to happen. I've already gotten stress everything going on right now so I need some cheer. 

Which is probably how I ended up going to three hockey games this past week. I don't even know what my life is right now but I managed to go to all three games and got all my reading done for this week even though my Thursday class got moved to Tuesday night. And I read for my end of year research projects too. I need to write the papers for this week and am probably going to write an extra book review to get it out of the way. 

I also ended up getting a kids pack because it was cheap and had all Jonas Hiller gear and I get to go to a free game. Whatever. I totally didn't even bother acting like I was buying it for someone else. They shouldn't hand them out in adult medium and say there is no age limit if they are going to judge me about it anyway. When I go to the parties for them I am going to pretend that the rest of my family is "just around here somewhere!" Problem solved.

My grandma and I have started speaking to each other in French again. Which is both really really awesome and fucking ridiculous because I speak France/Parisian French and she speaks Quebecois French so sometimes our wires cross. Which is par for the course in our English conversations so it's not all that surprising that it happens in French as well.

What is really funny about this is that my Grandfather can only curse in Quebecois French so we'll be in the kitchen talking and he just starts shouting things like "Manges d'la marde!" and "bais mon cul!" and then I usually go "TABERNAC. Tu es un trou du cul! " And my Grandma cracks up and tells him to shut the fuck up in English.

This is what happens when you live with people from Maine. You get bossed into not hating Boston teams (except the red sox. there is no one on this earth that can make me like them even remotely) and you get roped into a Quebecois French swear off while trying to have a normal conversation. My grandma found out my teacher was going to Rhode Island and she wanted me to ask him how the seafood was. People from New England are out of their minds. The end.

My dad went to a coffee convention and brought me back this microwaveable reusable mug and a bunch of tea so I've been on a tea kick for a week now. Drinking 2-3 cups of tea and 2 cups of decaf pumpkin coffee a day. Apparently he's going to get me into a coffee convention next year. I have a feeling it's going to be like when Godzilla battled Mothra and I am going to get banished. 

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01 November 2010 @ 08:47 pm
31 October 2010 @ 07:52 pm


Fear the Beard
This weekend was a success (although it was absolutely exhausting). I got to see Martin Brodeur and Jonas Hiller face off and it was awesome. Both goalies did a good job (even though Jonas's team refused to have any puck handling or passing skills whatsoever). Saturday I got up early and made it just in time to win a pumpkin and ducks tickets.

I freehanded a sketch of Brian Wilson and his epic beard and ended up with a fairly decent pumpkin this year. Then I read my book before I drove to my mom's house. We had dinner reservations before our concert so we ate and then rocked out to the Oingo Boingo cover band. My step dad didn't like them so we left early (he was grouchy because he drank a lot and it was expensive and I didn't want to deal with the grouch) and I ended up completely crashing when I got home. 

Today I started my other book and am almost done reading it. Tomorrow I'll write the paper for it and then finish the other book. My Giants are also kicking some ass in Texas and it would be the best Halloween if they won it and made the Bush family weep.  

28 October 2010 @ 02:02 pm
 This weekend is going to be ridiculously busy so I need to get as much schoolwork as possible done as fast as possible. So of course that means I wake up this morning so painful that I feel like I am going to throw up if I move, right? Of course. Thankfully Advil created this wonderful migraine medication that actually works on migraines (for me) so I managed to get the pain down to a manageable level so I can read for school. 

Speaking of school... We attempted to meet at a bar for class but everyone seemed to forget a little thing called the world series was going on so bam everything was packed. So we went to this sushi bar where the manager harassed us for two and a half hours and called the mall cop on us. Are you kidding me with this? 

At least my Giants beat the Rangers. Are you kidding me with this 11 run score? We had something like 26 runs for the NLDS and NLCS COMBINED and we almost got half that in one game? What? I mean we have hitters on our team, but I guess we are used to NL hard core pitchers. Not to say Cliff Lee is a bad pitcher, just that we are used to having to barely squeak by with a few runs. It's mind blowing and awesome. 

Today I am probably going to watch the replay of game one since I missed it, then game two is on. Tomorrow I am going to the Ducks vs NJ Devils game to see Martin Brodeur play in real life (I love Goalies above all other things!) as well as see Hiller be awesome. Then Saturday I am going to dinner and an oingo boingo cover band concert with my parents (because I am so totally cool!). Sunday I have a halloween thing to go to only if I have a good chunk of my homework done. 

Obviously I have a lot of things to do and not much time to do it so I am going to peace out and read for class. At least I have an article on urban gardens to read to cheer me up, right?
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 I am on this epic ~quest~ to listen to my ipod A-Z. I got to Bob Dylan before Itunes 10 decided to crash and delete all my playlists. Awesome. So I downgraded to Itunes 9.2.1 and started listening to it all over again. I figure I'd use the deletion of my playlists to really start this project fresh. 

As of right now I have 6758 songs (this is after I went through and deleted about 2500 songs a few months ago) and I have no goal for deletion, but I do want to stop having to skip albums when I have my ipod on shuffle. Then I want to get some fresh music to enjoy. 

In other news: I really don't want to write the paper that is due on Wednesday. I read all the articles and wanted to gouge myself a few times in the middle and now I have to write a cohesive paper about the shenanigans I had to read about.  

Sadly what I really want to do is read all the books on urban history and the French East India company. You can't make me choose my own topic and then expect me to be enthused about the economic history or books I've already read before. It's useless. 

So I'm going to go write this paper right now (using my awesome notes) and turn in a draft. Keep calm, study on.
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24 October 2010 @ 12:06 pm
22 October 2010 @ 06:29 pm
  • The Giants lost last night and it was fucking depressing. At least I didn't have to suffer through watching the game. Saturday is the next game and I plan on drinking my way through it. 
  • Last night I finally got to see some of my friends and we went to a gay bar to watch a drag show. My favorite fierce bitch from Ru Paul's Drag Race/U was there (Shannel!!!!) and she is seriously even more hardcore fierce in real life than on the tv (I was proud that I managed to maintain eye contact when it happened). It was awesome! The other two drag queens and the drag king were also really really good. Excellent outfits and song choices all around. Too bad it's during my class though because otherwise I would go hang out every week. :/ My life
  • I am currently watching the Blues/Hawks game. Let me tell you that I am way too fond of the Blues. It's ridiculous and I love them and I don't really care. They are totally holding there own against the Hawks too. 
  • I am actually ahead in school right now. Let's keep this up, yeah?
  • NEWS FLASH: I still don't give a shit about football!
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19 October 2010 @ 02:54 pm
The past few weeks have been insanely busy and mellow all at the same time.
  • The Giants have been steadily plunking their way through the playoffs. I am completely on edge every game but it's so awesome to see them in the NLCS. I seriously. I can't even put into words how much I love this team and how happy I am for them. Happy and sort of drunk because I can't watch their games sober anymore.
  • My writing has been improving and I've been getting As instead of Cs on papers in this one hardcore class I am in. The teacher is really tough grading wise but this will do nothing but help me improve. His suggestions have helped me go from taking days to hours to write papers and to get a better grip on the arguments and points in books so it's kind of awesome. 
  • All my teachers were in their offices yesterday, which is seriously unheard of, so I talked about my historiography, got my two independent study forms filled out and approved, talked to one professor about class and had a random conversation with a former professor in French in the hallway. 
  • I will officially be in DC and NYC from December 20th to January 12th if any of my east coast people want to hit me up when I am there.
Other than this I've just been doing a lot of reading and research and watching a lot of hockey, baseball and soccer. My life is kind of boring and stressful all at once right now. 

Now I've got to write a paper for thursday and start reading for my historiographies.

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19 October 2010 @ 02:40 pm
 1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] augustfading officially gave me a C, but was teasing about giving me G (for green) so I'll just do that too. Music is love. 

1. Ceremony by Joy Division.
2. Ch-Check it Out by the Beastie Boys
3. Coffee and TV by Blur
4. Church Mouth by Portugal the Man
5. C'Mere by Interpol

G1. Genesis by Justice
2. Gonna Leave You by Queens of the Stone Age 
3. Ghoul's Night Out by the Misfits
4. Guilty Pleasure by Cobra Starship
5. Going Up the Country by either Canned Heat or Kitty, Daisy and Lewis
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11 October 2010 @ 10:42 pm
  • Bought a tennis racket and have been playing by myself at the handball courts by my house (cue The Incredible Hulk's The Lonely Man Theme)
  • Changed the way I take notes when I read books in order to improve my academic skills (so far so good)
  •  I think I may have developed a certain level lactose intolerance when I turned into a hippie vegetarian and quit drinking a lot of milk. Something that gets me tons of lectures from my grandmother ("I thought you LIKED milk!" "It tastes funny now! I just have it in my cereal!")
  • The SF Giants won the last two games in a row and won the NLDS. Now they are moving on to the NLCS. Mah team! 
  • HOCKEY TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys. IT'S HOCKEY SEASON! So far the games have been nuts and it's just going to get more intense as the season gets further along.
  • I need to burn new cds for my car. If I have to listen to these ones for another 3 years then I am going to explode.
  • I am so fucking boring right now. The end
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08 October 2010 @ 11:39 pm
 WHY DO THE GIANTS HATE ME? I am now drunk because I have low tolerance for liquor and drank a bunch of JD to comfort myself after this stupid loss. WHAT THE FUCK, DEFENSE? WHAT THE FUCK. SCORING ON ERRORS. DIE. WHY DO YOU HATE MATT CAIN, GIANTS? WHY

Now I am too annoyed to be a real person so I am making fun of Pronger on a hockey community and talking about pranking people and how much I suck at facebook. THE END.
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08 October 2010 @ 10:29 am
 Hockey season started on the same day as the Giants playoff game was so I was flipping back and forth and double heart attacking, but both the Avalanche and the Giants won. Motherfucking Lincecum got a shut out. Boom. 

Now I have to go finish reading this book since I read 100 pages of it yesterday and got distracted by sports (it was my day off!!). It involves Napoleon though so I can't be too heartbroken about having to read it. It's one of the only books that I've read in class in graduate school that actually involves France in a major capacity. I've had to read books on French gardens and colonial urbanism in my free time for research papers. Like a nerd.

Man at some point I am going to turn into a functioning social person and have more posts that involve friends or dates but I mean really. Then I'd have to get over my introversion and homework guilt. 

At least next week my class is meeting in the pub! That should go over well! This week: STRESS TEARS IN PUBLIC. Next week: DRUNK OFF ONE BEER IN PUBLIC.

Ok now I am actually going to read and not go on to look at more goalie helmet art.

Edit: I forgot to add this in before, but my grandmother ripped tendons in her foot again this week. This is the third time she's re-hurt this foot since she tore her ACL in April. I am scared that she's going to cripple herself permanently and not be able to walk if she doesn't slow down. The problem is that even when she's injured she doesn't respect her limits so she just goes her normal speed and ends up hurting herself worse and she is 75 so her age doesn't make it any easier on here either. :/ Between this and my grandpa not being able to really use his arm it's a mess over here. Wish us luck.
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02 October 2010 @ 05:38 pm
 Some good news: Yesterday I went to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at the hollywood bowl. My step dad and I had an EXCELLENT dinner at the elephant bar in the lakewood mall ( I had some delicious tofu with vegetables and my stepdad had really good ahi tuna something and artichoke dip) before we took the park and ride bus up to the bowl. We found out midway that ZZ Top would be opening and I was so happy that I didn't have to sit through Joe Cocker.

I am also going down to San Diego with my LA peeps for the Empires concert/potluck/hang out session. 

BAD NEWS: The Giants only have to win 1 of 3 games and they've lost two. So fuck my life I am so annoyed and stressed that I am going to do a hockey goalie post to cheer myself up. 

I would do a goalie primer but it would basically just be "Goalies are the drummers of the team and are very odd ducks. They are also my favorites" So consider yourself primed.

GOALIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )
I could probably go on with this forever but I have to go eat and do more reading before tomorrow.
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01 October 2010 @ 10:51 am
It's gotten to the point where over half my internet tabs are related to school research. Which is the marker of when school has really and truly kicked into overdrive. I am trying to motivate myself to read around 400 pages and writing two papers a week while also plunking away at two 25 page research papers. I've gone into academic mode so that's helping me get focused and stay motivated. Well, that and the fact that this is my last semester of non-independent study classes. 

I've also gone to ducks training camp to watch their goalies, a Muse concert, have been learning new songs on the guitar, been watching a lot of Giants (we only have to win one game to win the division this weekend) and hockey games and have been walking on the beach. On top of all this I am also kicking my French re-learning goal into high gear. Needless to say, this all amounts to me not being around that much. 

Now I am going to do some reading/school shenans before I go out to dinner and a Tom Petty/Joe Cocker concert with my step dad.
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14 September 2010 @ 11:13 pm
This weekend was fucking ridiculous. Thursday I got robbed from hockey tickets by assholes running bots to jack up prices on stub hub after I woke up at 7am. I am still pissed off about this. RAH! RAH! 
  • Friday  went to get coffee with my friend and then we went to world market, REI and Ikea because of course we did. Doesn't everybody go to ikea and have happy seizures over the closet section? Then I went home and dealt with baseball shenans because the Giants are neck and neck with the motherfucking Padres for the top spot in the NL west and for the wild card spot with the Braves and I am seriously going to split a seam or have a heart attack. It's been 7 years since we've made it to post-season. Can my team PLEASE go and win? 
  • Saturday is when things got even weirder. I watched the Giants-Padres game and then my friend called me to go get food. That was normal but then afterwards we ended up crashing a party. I got a bit tanked on Sam Adams seasonal beer and played rock band drums. People kept coming up and high fiving me and shit afterwards. It was ridiculous because I am an introvert and am actually usually indifferent to or terrified of talking to people so being able to go and be a normal person around other people was a bit of a mindfuck and then having people be really interested in being around me was weird. Oh well. I am just gonna try to roll like this around people from now on instead of flipping out and trying to flee.  ONE DAY I WILL BE ABLE TO HANDLE TALKING TO GROUPS OF PEOPLE LARGER THAN FIVE! My life.
  • At this same party someone decided to do Nine in the Afternoon even though they didn't know the song so they thrust the microphone out for someone to save them so I ended up drunkenly singing Nine in the afternoon PERFECTLY after hitting myself in the face with the microphone and making myself bleed. Because of course I did 
Sadly my Giants lost to the Dodgers tonight on an unearned run and now I want to go barf in my own mouth. This and the rules my professor sent me for writing papers makes me want to go punch walls. Well. Punch walls if I wasn't non-violent.
I like how this was a "big" weekend for me. Look at my sad academic life and laugh and laugh. I know you want to. 
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09 September 2010 @ 10:33 pm
 Last night's class was a mess, I was really sick, and the Giants lost. Then I couldn't get to bed until around 3 am then I woke up at five and kept waking up and falling back asleep until 6:45 then I had to get up to talk to [ profile] marienne_made about hockey tickets (We now have caps/pens tickets!!!) because that's how we roll. So after I woke up after going back to sleep I was expecting today to be even shittier because seriously that's how it usually goes. So I torture myself through writing another paper and then my friend came and picked me up for class and seriously. Everything got better. 

Class went really well, the discussion was interesting and I found out one of the best PhD programs for world history is in Pittsburgh, SCORE. Then I get home and the Giants beat the Padres making them only one game away again from being at the top of the NL west and Posey, Huff Daddy and Uribe homered. Then I check my phone and my mom had called to tell me that she bought tickets for us to go see the Avalanche play the Kings in February. Sparkles were seriously trailing me as I started shedding love everywhere and it was ridiculous.

Now I have to go to bed and get up at 7am again to buy Pens tickets. Also I need to get Rangers tickets, but I need to work that out with [ profile] radiophonic and [info]yeahrobots . ANYWAY. Time for bed.