14 November 2010 @ 03:52 pm
  • Last night I had a really eccentric dream about a baseball amusement park where you could meet the Giants when you got off the ride and everything was in French. And hockey players were involved because of course they were. 
  • I am at the part of the semester where I simultaneously have nothing and everything under control because of the amount of papers and books I am trying to finish for many different projects. So I am constantly waffling through moments of strutting "we bad" moments and moments of pure abject terror. 
  • I got a new flickr account (Here!) and have been slowly uploading my pictures onto it. There are pictures of various sporting events, but right now there are mainly pictures of Russia, as well as various other vacations I have gone on, and random other stuff I found on my external hard drive. 
  • Starting winter break I need to: 1. start looking/sign up for French language programs, 2.find a job where I can work while I write my thesis, 3. start my PhD planning. 
  • My SF Giants world series gear is a city away from me (I have been tracking my order since it shipped) and it's Sunday so I have to wait until tomorrow or Tuesday for it >:| Bitches. 
  • I need to work on an exact plan for my vacation and get a bus ticket from DC to NYC for this winter and I need to start exercising again.
FML I am so busy
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 It's been a week since the Giants won the world series and I still burst into happy smiles and laughter over it. Which is good because now that the semester is coming to an end (and I am already suffering from exhaustion) I need something happy to cling onto while I do the end of semester burning the candle at both ends thing that tends to happen. I've already gotten stress everything going on right now so I need some cheer. 

Which is probably how I ended up going to three hockey games this past week. I don't even know what my life is right now but I managed to go to all three games and got all my reading done for this week even though my Thursday class got moved to Tuesday night. And I read for my end of year research projects too. I need to write the papers for this week and am probably going to write an extra book review to get it out of the way. 

I also ended up getting a kids pack because it was cheap and had all Jonas Hiller gear and I get to go to a free game. Whatever. I totally didn't even bother acting like I was buying it for someone else. They shouldn't hand them out in adult medium and say there is no age limit if they are going to judge me about it anyway. When I go to the parties for them I am going to pretend that the rest of my family is "just around here somewhere!" Problem solved.

My grandma and I have started speaking to each other in French again. Which is both really really awesome and fucking ridiculous because I speak France/Parisian French and she speaks Quebecois French so sometimes our wires cross. Which is par for the course in our English conversations so it's not all that surprising that it happens in French as well.

What is really funny about this is that my Grandfather can only curse in Quebecois French so we'll be in the kitchen talking and he just starts shouting things like "Manges d'la marde!" and "bais mon cul!" and then I usually go "TABERNAC. Tu es un trou du cul! " And my Grandma cracks up and tells him to shut the fuck up in English.

This is what happens when you live with people from Maine. You get bossed into not hating Boston teams (except the red sox. there is no one on this earth that can make me like them even remotely) and you get roped into a Quebecois French swear off while trying to have a normal conversation. My grandma found out my teacher was going to Rhode Island and she wanted me to ask him how the seafood was. People from New England are out of their minds. The end.

My dad went to a coffee convention and brought me back this microwaveable reusable mug and a bunch of tea so I've been on a tea kick for a week now. Drinking 2-3 cups of tea and 2 cups of decaf pumpkin coffee a day. Apparently he's going to get me into a coffee convention next year. I have a feeling it's going to be like when Godzilla battled Mothra and I am going to get banished. 

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08 October 2010 @ 10:29 am
 Hockey season started on the same day as the Giants playoff game was so I was flipping back and forth and double heart attacking, but both the Avalanche and the Giants won. Motherfucking Lincecum got a shut out. Boom. 

Now I have to go finish reading this book since I read 100 pages of it yesterday and got distracted by sports (it was my day off!!). It involves Napoleon though so I can't be too heartbroken about having to read it. It's one of the only books that I've read in class in graduate school that actually involves France in a major capacity. I've had to read books on French gardens and colonial urbanism in my free time for research papers. Like a nerd.

Man at some point I am going to turn into a functioning social person and have more posts that involve friends or dates but I mean really. Then I'd have to get over my introversion and homework guilt. 

At least next week my class is meeting in the pub! That should go over well! This week: STRESS TEARS IN PUBLIC. Next week: DRUNK OFF ONE BEER IN PUBLIC.

Ok now I am actually going to read and not go on to look at more goalie helmet art.

Edit: I forgot to add this in before, but my grandmother ripped tendons in her foot again this week. This is the third time she's re-hurt this foot since she tore her ACL in April. I am scared that she's going to cripple herself permanently and not be able to walk if she doesn't slow down. The problem is that even when she's injured she doesn't respect her limits so she just goes her normal speed and ends up hurting herself worse and she is 75 so her age doesn't make it any easier on here either. :/ Between this and my grandpa not being able to really use his arm it's a mess over here. Wish us luck.
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01 October 2010 @ 10:51 am
It's gotten to the point where over half my internet tabs are related to school research. Which is the marker of when school has really and truly kicked into overdrive. I am trying to motivate myself to read around 400 pages and writing two papers a week while also plunking away at two 25 page research papers. I've gone into academic mode so that's helping me get focused and stay motivated. Well, that and the fact that this is my last semester of non-independent study classes. 

I've also gone to ducks training camp to watch their goalies, a Muse concert, have been learning new songs on the guitar, been watching a lot of Giants (we only have to win one game to win the division this weekend) and hockey games and have been walking on the beach. On top of all this I am also kicking my French re-learning goal into high gear. Needless to say, this all amounts to me not being around that much. 

Now I am going to do some reading/school shenans before I go out to dinner and a Tom Petty/Joe Cocker concert with my step dad.
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09 September 2010 @ 10:33 pm
 Last night's class was a mess, I was really sick, and the Giants lost. Then I couldn't get to bed until around 3 am then I woke up at five and kept waking up and falling back asleep until 6:45 then I had to get up to talk to [ profile] marienne_made about hockey tickets (We now have caps/pens tickets!!!) because that's how we roll. So after I woke up after going back to sleep I was expecting today to be even shittier because seriously that's how it usually goes. So I torture myself through writing another paper and then my friend came and picked me up for class and seriously. Everything got better. 

Class went really well, the discussion was interesting and I found out one of the best PhD programs for world history is in Pittsburgh, SCORE. Then I get home and the Giants beat the Padres making them only one game away again from being at the top of the NL west and Posey, Huff Daddy and Uribe homered. Then I check my phone and my mom had called to tell me that she bought tickets for us to go see the Avalanche play the Kings in February. Sparkles were seriously trailing me as I started shedding love everywhere and it was ridiculous.

Now I have to go to bed and get up at 7am again to buy Pens tickets. Also I need to get Rangers tickets, but I need to work that out with [ profile] radiophonic and [info]yeahrobots . ANYWAY. Time for bed.
08 September 2010 @ 11:48 pm
 Today baseball embarrassed me (except for Nick Swisher. You can stay). Actually last friday baseball embarrassed me too, but only because my team lost when I went and saw them at Dodger's stadium. Then they won the next two games and got a bazillion home runs to rub it in my face that I wasn't there to see them win. >:| Anyway. It was a good game even if they ultimately failed and I was happy to get to see them play and have batting practice.

 I seriously got booed for being a Giants fan and then everyone shut up because I started spouting out stats and shit and proved how into baseball and the Giants I was. It was really really funny because they all thought my guy friend I brought with me was the baseball fan and that I was just there for whatever and my friend said I shamed them with my baseball love. Then I yelled at this guy who kept heckling me to "Shut up, seriously!. I don't care if you hate me or my team. Let me watch them fail. BASEBALL TIMES NOW!." I shouldn't be let out of the house. I swear.

Baseball times: Make room for the Giants! )
Also. My class is officially a clusterfuck. I hope it gets better next week but seriously I wanted to punch my head in and maybe cry tonight. I don't know if I would have handled it better if I wasn't feeling sick or what but this needs to not be the case every class or I am going to go crazy. Seriously. 

I did get to talk to one of my undergrad professors who was talking about how he knew I'd make a great grad student and my PhD plans and language programs and the like and I felt really really good about that, even though I always feel weird when people think I am good at stuff or smart etc etc. 

Now I need to go to bed because I have to get up at 7am to talk to [ profile] marienne_made  and buy hockey tickets and then finish a paper. My life is ridiculous. How am I an adult?
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02 September 2010 @ 09:35 am
 Listen. Livejournal doesn't get the rules of the internet and is giving the option of outing us as creepers to our family and friends on facebook. Please don't encourage this by linking my rubbish posts/comments to twitter and facebook. I really don't want to have to give attitude to you or them about it. OK? I keep this public because internet privacy is a joke and I don't really hide myself from people in general. It would seriously be a dick move and I don't have the time or energy for these shenanigans. 

Which brings me to the real point of this post! To bitch about the clusterfuck that my Wednesday night class is probably going to be. A new professor who didn't clarify due dates on the syllabus. CHECK! Four first year, first semester grad students. CHECK. Rambles ahoy! Check! Seriously. I don't how this is going to go and I don't like it because I HAVE to take this class to graduate. My other professor says I'll be fine, but I don't know. I'll just deal with it. At least there are four or five students I know in it who are good students so it shouldn't be too hard to get some good discussion going. 

Also what is with this stupid butterfly header? I am trying to flail here and keep getting distracted by this white mess of a header. Fucking livejournal. *shakes fist*

Off to read! Well. Finish watching Quick Pitch then read and go on a treadmill and eat then class but you get my meaning. 
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30 August 2010 @ 06:16 pm
This year, since I was done working for the summer, I decided to go with my mom and step dad to the summer picnic for my work. Basically another intern (whom I met last year and got to know better this year) was going and I wanted to catch up with her and say goodbye before she went back to Idaho for school. Other than hanging out and walking with my friend, the rest of the picnic was basically me scoping out and swooping in on grilled corn on the cob (I didn't want to wait in line when everyone else figured out it was ready), buying coffee at the beach snack hut (Seriously. A pepsi is not coffee, mom. Gosh) and being obsessed with barbeque sauce. Business as usual. 

Then we headed back to my mom's house and I thought I was going to peace out and head home, but my step dad was going to the driving range to hit some golf balls and invited me to tag along. So I did and it was fun even though I haven't been golfing in 6 or 7 years (you could tell. hurr durr). Then we got Japanese food at Full Moon (I got vegetable tempura and vegetable udon. And they were excellent as per usual) and hung around the house until I was seriously starting to fall asleep at the table watching my mom play farmville. 

I almost forgot to mention what they got me for my birthday. I really didn't even expect anything because they have been taking me to hockey games and concerts and I never really think of presents so I was surprised. They ended up getting me a Zombie combat manual and a home canning kit. I find it oddly heart warming that when my parents think of me they think of zombies and cookware because that's pretty much a core part of me. Actually, before I left for Russia my step dad and I had a huge talk about Jalepeno jelly and how he's going to have me come over the next time he makes it so I can make some for myself and how my mom is going to get a strawberry jam recipe from my other grandmother for me. So this makes sense. 

Birthday Shenans )
My grandma, of course, thought the idea of me canning was hilarious (Even though I help her can pickles, beets and relish all the time. Thank you very much) until I mentioned the jalepeno jelly. Then she was all over the idea. Of course it's a good idea that I can her a bunch of jalapeno jelly! Hello. How dare I try to jar anything else for any other reason.

After I had that conversation and made some sun tea, which led to more heckling from my grandmother (because she's from New England and doesn't get things like sun tea and sweet tea and molasses in pecan pie. I am not even kidding at all about this. There are arguments about whether or not I am making these things up ALL THE TIME) I headed out to my friend's house for brunch. My friend had done the same river cruise in Russia that I did so we exchanged stories and talked about the different places we ended up at and Russia in general. I ended up staying for 10 hours and talking with her and her boyfriend about sports, life, Russia, whatever before people came over for Fantasy Football drafting or something and my friend and I worked on maps for the history classes she teaches. Historians are seriously odd ducks because we got waaaaaay too into the maps and yelling over Africa etc etc. 

I spent all of today running errands for my grandmother (who is pretty sure she tore a tendon in her other leg) cleaning, getting rid of stuff, re-organizing things, looking at knitting patterns etc etc. Well. That and looking at new food/recipe blogs I found. HELLO. What else would I be doing on the internet? Really?

Other random things from today:
  • Manny Ramirez got bounced from the Dodgers to the White Sox because he's failing them and the White Sox were the failiest out of the teams vying for him. Oh baseball. Your face
  • The Giants won their game 9-7 after some failboaty losses to the Reds and the Dbags. 
  • Biznasty announced he is bringing back his ridiculously offensive twitter. I cannot wait. 
  • Kovalchuk's other contract proposal got denied. This is the most entertaining signing that has happened this offseason. It's so ridiculous when you see Nicky Lars easily getting his approved and signed months ago and Kovalchuk keeps failboating it up right down to the wire.  
  • I found (or refound) Fidel Castro's online blog. AMAZING. It's the crackiest political shit ever. You are right with his arguments and points until he goes off on some nutbag tangent about the US or something. It's such a slap in the face every time and you just get startled by it. 
This week was a nice mix of going to bed at 10pm and waking up at 6am and then going to bed at 8pm and then waking up at 4am. Then to shake it up a bit more I went to bed at 10pm and woke up at 4am today. This is going to get shitty when I start classes that end at 9:30. I cannot be crashing out in the middle of class. 

Speaking of class I have to go deal with the syllabus my professor FINALLY posted three days before we have class. Thanks. 
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09 July 2010 @ 10:06 pm
 Today I got my official "advancement to candidacy" confirmation letter in the mail. I think I have to file to graduate next spring after I've completed all my classes, but I am not sure. You have to apply for graduation a year before you are supposed to graduate. This amuses and confuses me so I have to email my thesis chair and confirm that this is real life. 

That reminds me. I need to go through the book list for next semester and pick what books I am going to read for one of my classes and then go to the library. This sounds really ridiculous, but I think I need to make a book timeline and prioritize what books I am going to read and the order I am going to read them in. I mean I already have sort of done this in my head, but if I force myself into a timeline it may pay off more in the long run. IDK. I feel like this summer doesn't really leave me much time/energy to get the hardcore theory books read so maybe if I read the true facts history books about Cambodia, Ivory Coast and Montreal I can get more read. 

This summer is just Bananas. During the regular school year I am busy all the time, but it's usually busy with school so it's just staying in the house and reading/writing, but the summer is a 40 hour work week + driving an hour each way every day plus getting up at 5:30am. I feel that when I have the time to read, that I am too exhausted to really get anything read properly  without taking forever to get it read and analyzed and notes typed up, etc. 

There is this local tv commercial for a car dealership run by this one man, Cal Worthington. They've always played the commercials on tv since I was young and so I've watched this man grow older as I've grown older. Only now he's 90 years old and he's lost a lot of his ability to move and whenever I see the commercials I get really ridiculously sad because I've watched him deteriorate and I know he's going to die soon. So I keep changing the channel when it comes on because it's ALWAYS coming on when I am watching sports and I can't cope with it for some reason. It's very strange to have such an urgent and violent burst of compassion and sadness for someone I have no personal connection with. 
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19 June 2010 @ 12:29 pm
 Just got my advancement to candidacy letter in the mail to sign. I am officially four classes and a thesis away from graduating. I was so happy that I started shaking. I seriously cannot believe I am already at this point with my masters degree. 

Now I just need to write my thesis. No big deal, right?
06 June 2010 @ 02:50 pm
Finally finished that weird book I had to read for my thesis, which had a brilliant introduction by Sartre, and then got 80 pages into another one before I realized that it was too specifically focused on Algeria for me to gain anything from it to use to approach other decolonization processes. So now I am on to reading a book by Edward Said, whose work I adore, and then some by Homi Bhabha. I love their work so much. It's not unbiased by any means but it provides rilliant Post-Colonial theories to use when thinking about wars of decolonization, developing nations, etc. 

Sports: Baseball, World Cup, Hockey )

Last night my friend had a True Blood season 2 marathon and season two was just as fucking annoying as I remembered but it has enough really really good parts to make it even out. Even though my friend kept shouting about how hot Erik is. Which, hello duh, but seriously if you have nothing to say beyond that it gets obnoxious. Blah blah blah my feelings rant rant rah. 

Tomorrow I start work and have to get up at 5:30 = cranky mccrankerson. I've been trying to alter my sleep schedule but we'll see how successful I am tomorrow. Speaking of work I need to go pack my lunch and get my stuff set out etc. Also I should make green bean curry and go to the library today and get more books but that means changing out of my pjs and leaving my room. Eugh being an adult is hard work, guys. 
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28 May 2010 @ 12:02 pm
 So much stuff has gone down that I don't even know where to begin so I will start from the earliest news and work my way to the present.
  • I already talked about my thesis presentation so I won't rehash that except to say that professors stopped me to tell me mine was the best etc and that they can't wait to see how it turns out. Which pleases me to no end. I don't need to be the best, but it is a relief to me that all  my hard work paid off and that people were receptive to it and excited for it. This makes me more motivated to get it going because I know that it's something new and interesting to a lot of different historians. 
  • I heard from my summer internship before I presented my paper but did not get around to talking about/dealing with it until this week because I was so busy. I've officially got a job for this summer at the same place and I start June 7th. 

CHUCK P!!!!!! )
  •  Then I didn't sleep for two days while I finished and turned in my paper. And found out I got an A on it and in the class and I could have wept with relief because I threw myself into this class.
  • I got a B in the other class which was less work and I still don't know how that worked out when I turned everything in on time and am still fucking dicking with copyright people. Seriously. STILL EMAILING THESE TWATS POST-SEMESTER. That's totally a B. I would be more irritated about this if I cared but I don't. I just care about it affecting my GPA. Obnoxious but ditching this bs to do my Thesis instead was the best idea ever because this class wasn't even something I wanted to do. The end.
  • I went to a going away party for my friend that is moving to texas and getting married and since I hadn't eaten for two days I got super drunk off of one drink , ate and then drank three more and everything was amaaazing. I needed that after this ridiculously stressful semester.
  • JONATHAN RICHMAN. I finally got to see him live. He's ridiculous and I laughed a lot and it was totally worth dealing with all the people bitching about the small space and hitting me with their obnoxiously huge bag.
  • I am basically still exhausted from this semester and am sucking at being a real person so I am just reading Crime and Punishment. The end
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First off I need to mention that my fighting the zombie hoard dreams are back. Now they include hockey players fighting along side me. My brain finally realized it could mix the two when I was sleeping. I need to do some research and see if there is any hockey zombie or sports zombie movies and then binge watch them to make these dreams occur more often apparently. 

My thesis prospectus presentation was on Friday and it actually went extremely well. The professors responded really positively to it and were very enthusiastic about it. They did not have any major issues with it other than I should just some cities out to save time or think about other contexts to work in etc. Nothing major like the other presenters got, as in how is this original research. To me, the whole point of getting into history and going on to get my masters and PhD is to add new topics and research to the field, if only for my own financial/career benefit.  

Luckily my friend Holly offered to take notes for me during the Question and Answer period so I could keep track of the detailed suggestions/questions/etc. and send an email to my committee so we could keep track of everything etc. I got a lot of great suggestions and will probably be cutting Tahiti out of my Thesis. I am going to write a paper on it at some point because of the amount of research I have done and the interest I have in it. If only so I can do it proper justice by adding the Cold War context to the section without having to this context to my whole Thesis, which would just be a huge mess to tackle. I am going to start a file just for this and maybe I will work on it to turn in for the History awards next year and then save it for later publication. This would be a good way to get myself further into the Post-Colonial World field. 

In other news I am still trying to tie up loose ends on the copyright situation but a good chunk of them still haven't responded back to my email so I have no idea what is going on with them. I will probably send my professor an email with those that I am waiting for a response back from and the date I sent the email so he can keep track of it. As of right now this book is going to be published summer 2011 so fingers crossed! They will be giving us each a copy of this too! My first published work, guys. 

I seriously need to get this other paper done though. I am seriously done with this semester and want to relax before I start work and more research. 
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14 May 2010 @ 10:17 am

Also as a present to me (JUST FOR ME. NO REALLY) it was announced that both Malkin and Gonchar are going to be playing for Russia in Worlds. My Russian team! I do feel bad for the guys who had to be sent home for them to play though. Worlds and World Cup soccer is seriously the only thing really keeping me happy right now. Well them and these kittens and coffee and friends iming me to make sure I am ok, but STILL.

Speaking of coffee I have to laugh when my mom refers to regular Folgers coffee as "The real stuff." I am like if I had the money you guys have I would buy better coffee. JUST SAYING. 
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13 May 2010 @ 06:42 pm

Today seriously sucked. I woke up ridiculously early and couldn't get back to sleep and then I spent all day stressing out over my thesis speech that I had to re-write. And then suddenly I just started crying and couldn't stop. I didn't even feel better after I cried either so I just felt even more crappy. 

Can this semester please be over? It's been such a hardcore semester. I can't even explain why it was so bad. It just was terrible and it's STILL NOT OVER. I have 25 pages to get done by next friday and right now all I can do is finish this crap. At least I have the reading done. I just have to write it.

I am so exhausted. When this semester is over I am going to just go see Jonathan Richman, drink a lot of vodka, watch all of the episodes of Band of Brothers and then all of The Pacific, and then read some Sartre and Dostoevsky. Best life plan ever.
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11 May 2010 @ 10:57 am
 The good news is that I am done with my thesis presentation speech and powerpoint slide show. The bad news is that I have to give the speech now. 

In other news I was randomly googling to see if Jonathan Richman was going on tour soon and I found out that he is going to be in Long Beach for three days next week so I bought a ticket ($10!!!) to see him the day after I turn my paper in.  KISMET.

ALSO. Russia and Canada are totally killing it in Worlds. APPROVED.
09 May 2010 @ 02:38 am
 Clusterfuck weekend is a clusterfuck. I got into another argument with my grandmother about my dad. He's seriously loud. I can hear all his phone conversations all day every day through my wall and he blasts his music all the time. And I told my grandmother that it's ridiculously distracting to have constant loud obnoxious noise going all day and she told me to go to my mom's house and I told her to go fuck herself and then I went to my friend's house. I am super mad because last week I was cheering a hockey game and my grandma told me to be quiet and I told her if everyone else gets to be loud all the time then why is it a problem the one time I am louder than normal.  I cannot wait until I move for my PhD and just have a quiet respectful life of academia and shenanigans. Milk crate furniture, mattress on the floor and xbox here I come. 

That actually sounds epic. Just me and an x-box and some books. Naps galore. Drinking coffee all day and not getting nagged at about being a vegetarian. 

So I am over at my friends' house and I seriously got more work done in one day than I would have all weekend. I have the power point presentation done and am halfway done with editing my presentation speech. FML I do not want to make this speech. I love that everyone I try to freak out about my thesis presentation at has unwavering confidence in my abilities, but I would still like to be able to freak out about it before the presentation. 

Also today Alie and I went ice skating. It went better than I thought it would go and we were singing Beatles songs obnoxiously loud. Then I fell on my knee and now it feels achy. The end. 
08 May 2010 @ 12:32 am
 I am officially done with one class this semester. I still have to keep up with copyright stuff but that is not going to happen until I have gotten all my shit together for my thesis presentation this Friday. 

Basically for this class I had to select images, turn them in, get them approved or fix them and repeat for about two months. Then I had to email publishers and copyright holders about prices and then resubmit the images with more new images as well as captions about the paintings and the artists. It doesn't sound like much, and it really wasn't in comparison with the amount of reading/editing/etc. that other students did, but it was a lot of work and I am glad to be done with the majority of it. 

Once this gets rolling I will end up with my name in a published book and will get a copy of it.

Now I need to work on a power point presentation and edit my prospectus into a speech for this Friday. I went to the history awards banquet tonight and found out that other people know about it because of an email so now there is going to be all these people I've had classes there watching me. Fail. 

For my other class I am powering through a bunch of articles and books and writing notes about how the European powers planned towns/fortifications in colonies. Which does not sound interesting, but it is heavily tied into ideas from the Renaissance as well as the Enlightenment. So basically the Enlightenment kind of gave European powers the idea that the Americas were an uncultured blank slate so Spain and Portugal created laws governing the development of towns in order to use Renaissance ideas of organization to test potential construction styles for the Metropole. Montreal, however, was developed much more organically and after the French left the social and economic needs of the town were ignored in favor of military projects and citizens. 

It is really interesting to look at the different approaches and how this shows different insights into the Colonial-Metropole relationship. 

Ok I am off to google people like Frantz Fanon. It's such a hardship to finally get to write about what I want! 


 So I am finally caught up with schoolwork for the most part and am now working on my thesis presentation. Including a ridiculous power point presentation. I can't even remember the last time I used power point so this is going to be fun. 

Other uneventful things today: power walking on the treadmill, wearing heels so I could tap out the drum rhythm of songs with my feet while I do homework, laughing hysterically at nonsense, listening to Jay Z and having to stop because I was getting way too into rapping along.  

In other words a normal day in my life. Now I have to keep calm, and save Rohan. 

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02 May 2010 @ 05:23 pm
 Earlier today I proclaimed it "Listen to all the Beatles albums in the order they were made" day.  I started with the songs they did with Tony Sheridan and am currently on Rubber Soul. So I've gotten through seven albums so far. I have eight more albums to get through because I seriously own too many Beatles albums. I even have the unreleased bootleg albums with all their demos and bsides on them. 

The number one reason I have a twitter: Talking to Brian Schechter. Right now we are talking about how he is going to catch AIDS from being too close to Trace Cyrus and I recommended cheesecake as a decontamination option. [ profile] momebie is a terrible influence on my life because normally Schechter and I just talk about food. What is this. 

Speaking of food the veggie Hawaiian burger at Islands is very delicious. Except the teriyaki sauce made it really ridiculously hard to keep the burger from flinging random pieces of lettuce at me so I just ate the lettuce and then the burger. Problem solved. 

Other than shenanigans I am working on final paper assignments and working on getting copyright information and prices for art that is going in to a book (I am technically going to be a published historian when this gets printed). Then I have to write blurbs about the artists and the paintings by thursday and then I will be done with that class. 

I also have to work on my prospectus presentation powerpoint and speech and I do not want to do this because I do not want to speak in front of a group of people I know. THE END. 

Back to homework now. 

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