30 June 2010 @ 07:35 pm
  • Had a Yankees dream last night. Jackie B and I were in NY watching them practice before a game. It was kind of bad ass. ♥ After DC I think the next trip I am planning is to NY. Even if it's after I move for my doctorate. Jackie and I HAVE to go to a yankees game together. It's now part of the commune rules. 
  • Some guys at work were randomly stretching their arms in the parking lot so the other intern and I started doing the sprinkler, running man, cabbage patch and the hammer dance to show them how it's really done. Like a boss.
  • I seriously just listened to the new Sparklehorse/Danger Mouse album Dark Night of the Soul (you can listen here for free on NPR) ALL DAY. ON A LOOP. I WAS SO HAPPY. It was ridiculous. 
  • Espn finally replayed the Spain/Portugal game. If only they would play the Slovakia/Netherlands game. If they don't it's ok. I found a place to download ALL the World Cup games. So I'll just watch that this weekend. This game was so tight. I can't believe anyone scored outside a shoot out. Just saying. 
  • Guessed 7/8 of the Round of Sixteen games right. Boo yah.
  • I also need to watch the last two episodes of Dr. Who but they keep playing baseball games I want to watch (Yankees! Giants!!!!) so I have to watch them.
  • I am almost done with Culture and Imperialism by Edward Said. I think I am going to read The Trial by Kafka next since I got back into my Kafka loop.
  • Getting knitting done.
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06 April 2010 @ 10:03 pm

Also, in case you're wondering, the way to [ profile] gisforgreen 's heart is via a French hockey-playing Boba Fett who speaks Russian and will marry her on the ice at an Avs game. Also, with bread. Y'all may want to file that info away for future use. ;)
Oh har har, [ profile] marilla82 mock me!  >:| I think it's pretty bad ass that I know what I love in life and accept it!
  • SPEAKING OF HOCKEY. I just lived the longest two hours of my life stressing the hell out over the Avalanche vs Canucks game. It went to OT and then a shoot out and then at the LAST POSSIBLE second the Avalanche WON and are now GOING TO THE PLAY OFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY! I am shaking. It's ridiculous but I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D MY TEAM DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was after the Washington Capitals SPANKED the Penguins 6-3. YES. My teams did so well today! It was worth all the stress for this moment! PLAY OFFS!!!!!!
  • I had another thing to update. What was it? OH YEAH. Boba Fett. I have this boba fett key chain I got for Christmas and this guy at the library noticed it and it sparked a long conversation about the Star Wars prequels that ended up with us praising Grievous and mocking Jar Jar Binks. ALL IN A DAY'S WORK FOR BOBA FETT! 

In other news after firefox 3.6.2 had a massive meltdown and refused to work with flash or java I have switched over to google chrome. I found similar extension that I had for firefox and they actually work better. PLUS google chrome does this: cut for magic )

Oh hi there all the websites I actually use the most. I don't even have to type out your web address. I can just click on a pretty picture and BAM. Actually this is funny because I go on WAAAAY more than facebook, but facebook showed up on this list first. Jerk!

Also you can use the url bar as a search engine. MY HEART. Streamlined internet for the win! 

Despite all this hoopla I actually got homework done today. A++ for me!

ALSO: What the hell is with livejournal's html now? You can't copy paste? What is this crap? >:|
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