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23 April 2010 @ 12:21 pm
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Uh oh. My grandma never should have told me she was going to get me a burrito from San Pedro's because now it's all I can think about. The Mexican white cheese, and mouth numbingly fantastic hot sauce is calling to me and I am powerless AGAINST A BURRITO. Being a foodie is hard work, guys.

Also expect a ridiculously pointless and long music post after I finish listening to the new Foals album. I have a lot of music to flail about and I will probably ramble about Jay Z. And by probably I mean DUH. 

EDIT: So of course they fucked up the burrito right? Because beans, cheese, lettuce and rice is the most confusing combination on the planet. Obviously. And this gets more confusing because it's the only vegetarian thing there so I get it every time. Right?

Ok I have to go play archaeologist with my burrito now to discover the ruins of my dreams. I mean. Go scoop out half my burrito since the onions are glued to everything by guacamole. 

EDIT TWO: I wish they would sell this green hot sauce because I would put it on everything and never have sinus problems again. It's love.
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20 March 2010 @ 10:58 am


[ profile] seratonation  gave me history vs science, books, the spanish inquisition, music stereotypes aaaand steampunk

1. History vs Science. I used to be a chemistry major but decided that having to do hardcore math all the time wasn't going to make me happy so I switched to history. LIKE A BOSS. I am still obsessed with science (in case you haven't been watching my tumblr) and still read science journals and articles when I have time.

I actually bring it up in class sometimes and freak everyone out that I can quote Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and Oppenheimer and understand string theory on an abstract level and shit. I am like come on guys history should be INTERDISCIPLINARY. Hahaha I am such an asshole. Whatever. They don't even know about Clifford Geertz's thick description anthropology method so haters to the left. 

2. Books. I looooooooooove books. Oh man. Except that for some reason the majority of books I have to read for my history classes SUCK SO HARD. I get so distracted by major organizational errors and stuff and I often complain in class about how if I wrote any of this book and turned it in as an essay my professors would tear it to shreds. Also I thinkthat if this shit AND stephanie myers gets published then when I write my own history books I better get it published or I am going to bring all these books to the publisher and be like "YOU PUBLISHED THIS SHIT. WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS?"

Also I really really really really am looking at all these Russian philosophy and literature books and Bukowski's work with big doe eyes going "I CAN READ NAO?" as I work on my prospectus. It's kind of pathetic. Also I am like cooing at my Kafka books in sadness. I am such a fucking nerd.

3. The Spanish Inquisition: NOOOOOOOOOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION! Actually I don't particularly do or have an interest in Spanish  OR religious history so I kind of just know the basics about the inquisition. I probably know more about the Reconquista than it. Awesome. THE MOORS! 

4.Music stereotypes? What do you mean by this? Like slutty pop girls and dirty metal heads or what? I feel that if you listen to enough music that you wouldn't feel the need to prove yourself in a certain niche using certain behavior or clothing because your life isn't just dependent on that one thing. I detest any kind of people who are like I just listen to this so I wear this and go to these kind of bars and have these kinds of friends.

Really? You can't live your own life? You have to turn it into a formula? Why? Because you are scared? Fuck that. Sartre believes that you define yourself as a person by what actions you take. So if you aren't doing what you want because you want to fit in then you have started defining yourself by other people's interesta and behavior and you are just a shell of a person.

5. Steampunk. I was into steampunk before I actually knew the term because a good majority of the literature that I like to read is 19th century and it's often science fiction or horror or mystery so it fits neatly into steampunkdom because of the alternate possibilities it offers in the text. I also have always loved anachronistic and retro music so now hearing bands SPECIFICALLY making anachronistic music thanks to the growth of steampunk is amaaaaaaazing.
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18 March 2010 @ 10:50 pm
There's a meme going about where people give you five words and you tell what they mean to you. [ profile] momebie  gave me words...


It's cute that you think me talking about it is going to get it out of my system.

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09 March 2010 @ 11:51 pm
Sometimes I completely forget that even within the field of History that Russian, Soviet and French/Francophone history are the odd men out. Which is why I got a weird look from my professor for using the Soviet Union as an example of Cultural Environmentalism (where cultures shape how people perceive and interact with the environment). Also maybe I kind of got pissy that Russian ventures into America are barely ever talked about. Whatever. It's a valid critique of the current Colonial American historiography.

I get it. Spain and Britain had a pissing contest. Whatever. Let me learn about other countries in the Americas please. Like France. Which is actually relevant to my studies. Unlike the Spanish or British empires. Which are not.

Also I am going to strangle my family. It's like living with a bunch of teenagers. They are noisy and messy (there were several dirty knives and a butt ton of crumbs and some sort of liquid on the counter earlier) AND totally drama filled. I am not even kidding. There is so much drama going on in this house right now that I am about to start taking away phone privileges just so I don't have to hear them whine about some douche bag that they knew was a douche bag that's being a douche bag.  That's not a surprise. At all. So calm the fuck down.
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01 March 2010 @ 07:06 pm
Can someone please explain to me why that when I am not actually writing a 25 page paper on the Soviet Union/Former Soviet States anymore that I am finding sources one after the other? I am both irritated (because WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I NEEDED YOU and STOP DISTRACTING ME) and exuberant (THERE IS A BOOK ON THE ARCHITECTURE OF TAJIKISTAN *FLAILS*). Also how am I getting Soviet Russian sources when I am researching Tahiti? I& am not even on Jstor. What is this?

And now that I got distracted by it there aren't many english communities for Russia on livejournal. *facepalm* This is sad because I can only really read spanish, french and italian and not Russian. And they deleted my favorite Russian Horror Punk community. >:|

I am going to go make pancakes for dinner and eat a salad with it. Or some baby carrots since it's dark out and I am scared of our backyard at night and dnw to get attacked by aliens and opossums  and Sasquatch just to get some leafy greens. It's in the official house rule book that I just made up.

EDIT: Shit now I am on the mcfarlane website looking at action figures to take a break from research and I am going to starve to death.
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11 January 2010 @ 09:20 pm
I finished reading Art and the City: Civic Imagination and Cultural Authority in Los Angeles by Sarah Schrank (My thesis chair/the professor that inspired me to go into Urban History) today. It took me a while to get through it because of how frustrated I got with Los Angeles' policies/approaches/restrictions to art in the city and it's lack of progressive/constructive responses to urban renewal/social problems. I was thrumming with anger at multiple points so I had to put the book down and step away from it before I turned into Mcrantypants over shit that happened 50 years ago.

Now for the actual review! I tried to keep my opinion of the work as objective as I could given my academic relationship with Dr. Schrank but I really didn't have to because the book was written really well. I am actually jealous of her writing because she writes just like she talks and has an excellent command of her subject and her words. So jealous. I also really liked how balanced the book was. She managed to handle a lot of information without her work getting too bogged down and cluttered, something that is a major problem in other historical works I read last year.

The book covers the growth of art, and of los angeles, from 1910 until the Watts riots of 1965. While it's main focus is on the growth of art and artists specific to Los Angeles, it also neatly ties particular artists, art, galleries, and art types to larger historical events, such as the GI Bill, the election of Thomas Bradley, and the Watts riots, as well as to social and urban problems, like the loss of civic identity due to urban sprawl, the ghettoization of ethnic neighborhoods and loss of public transit because of freeways, and the struggles between diverse groups of people and the homogenization that the city officials wanted to project.

The chapter on Nuestre Pueblo (the watts towers; created by the immigrant Sabato Rodia, who is actually featured on the cover of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band) was particularly interesting to me due to how she demonstrates how the towers were featured in the media to represent Los Angeles. Something that was ironic because of the poverty, social problems, and diversity that the tower represented as compared to its representation of Los Angeles as a creative, and white, capital. This is particularly interesting because of the importance of the symbol to Los Angeles, which benefited from it while the neighborhood continued to struggle with poverty and lack of civic, or community, centers. This duality is reflected in the riots themselves, which sparked after an incident with police brutality sparked the simmering racial and class tension and caused six days of violent and destructive rioting.

The methodology used in this book is going to be useful to my thesis because of the split between the actual identity of the city, ie diverse and multi-ethnic, versus the white washed ideal that officials and white residents forced upon it, causing major urban and social problems. This split is something that I want to look for in post-colonial cities. Did the residents of these spaces have a different vision of their space than the old Imperial government or the new government/ruler/majority? How was this split manifested? How did this split affect the space? How did the official treatment/ruling of the space affect different groups of people?
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03 January 2010 @ 11:37 pm
Christmas is still giving me the motts and it's been over for a week. Please stop with the presents. They make me uncomfortable and I am too poor to give you shit to alleviate my guilt motts. Christ on a pogo stick I was going to have a fucking panic attack this week because of fucking stealth presents. MOTTS.

ANYWAY. I went and saw the Treasures of Napoleon exhibit I have been wetting my pants over and it was ten bajillion (shut up spell check bajillion is a word) times better than I thought it was going to be. There were seriously eight rooms just FILLED with papers, books and doo dads from his rule. AND he seriously used bees to represent himself. So now my insane retarded love of bees just got boosted by historical ties to one of the early Frank Kings (Childeric I) and Napoleon. What is my life? GOLDEN BEES. I am so fucking jazzed about them. I am positively giddy. BEEEEEEEEEEES. Seriously. Making craftsmen create thousands of gold bees to put in your tomb = Now I am stalking your whole life to emulate you. Whatever.

there is nothing more ridiculous than listening to retarded ass people try to explain stuff in museums to the people with them. "See? Napoleon rejected the pope and saved Christianity!" This shit is why I don't feel bad about the bee thing. Or any of my history major geek outs. Fuck you.

I went with my step dad. It was a BONDING experience and shit. And we went out to eat thai food with my mom and they got 3/4ths of the dishes with tofu. Awww. Mah family is being all supportive and stuff. Also fried tofu = fucked up pillow fight in your mouth FYI. After drunch (dinner + lunch + r to alleviate the creepiness that would be "dunch") I went to my friends' new house to help move. AKA getting in the way until they let me play bookworm on an ipod. Then we went to Best Buy to whatever (bookworm) and then to George's for greek food. I am never too full for Spanikopita in case you were interested.

Also if I ever get a tattoo related to an fbr band fucking stab me in the face.
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06 November 2009 @ 12:32 pm
Family bullshit )

On a brighter note I have six out of twenty pages done for my French Gardens historiography and am in the middle of reading my third book for it. I already read three other articles as well and feel like I have the foothold to really get something interesting out of it. This is also helping my urban history because it deals with cultural and social perceptions and use of space and material objects so I am kind of giddy about it.

Also! I went in and talked to my Thesis chair and we have worked out a definite second member of the committee and I have to choose between two colonial historians for the other but have to talk to one of them before I make a decision. I have already started doing research for it and have started on my perspectus for the thesis and am probably about two semesters ahead of the game for what I am officially supposed to have done in regards to my thesis. 

I have an exciting urban theory booklist for winter break to read and work on and I am super excited for it. Also both the members of my thesis are super excited to work with me as well and think this is going to be a good topic. They also have reiterated that this type of work is new and not many people have done anything close to what I am planning to do so my prospects for getting into a program for a PhD and doing work beyond that are looking really good. I feel really good about my scholarly career right now and am just going to keep motivating myself and working hard to maintain and move beyond the level of work I am producing right now.

18 October 2009 @ 10:40 pm
This past week was fucking insane.

Wednesday: The Academy Is )
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Friday I thought I would be able to rest but that was a fool's dream. I have no idea why but I have been having trouble falling asleep and so I am up until 2, 3 or 4 and then I either sleep for 5 hours and wake up or I crash out for 9 hours and wake up feeling super shitty so I haven't slept really well in over a month. Then I had homework and then I met my mom and stepdad for dinner (At my favorite Thai restaurant!! MMM Mongolian Tofuuuuuuu. THE SAUCE. GUUUUH) so I could get their fast pass so I could skip some of the 91 traffic the next day. And then I went over to Aley's to watch My Life in Ruins. Which was ok but I thought the main dude was hot WITH the beard so his tragic shaving of beard to impress the girl was weird. His beard and hair just needed to be cleaned up not HACKED OFF, OH MY GOD.

Saturday, part one: History Conference )

Saturday, part two: Spamalot )
And now I am going to go start reading another book and then hopefully get some rest so I can write a paper tomorrow.
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24 September 2009 @ 10:22 pm
DRIVEBYE POST STRUCTURALISM GLEE!!!!!!!! Fuck you essential-ism! FUCK YOU! Post colonial theory is going to fuck your shit up by showing how you can't separate power and knowledge because power CREATES knowledge: ie the colonial construct of the "other" is tied to the power it wields over it. It's power is tied to the construct of the other. SNAP.

I don't get why this is like rocket science to some people. Deconstruction, get this, deconstructs histories by drawing out their context, by questioning how they were created and why. How is this not a useful methodology for history??? And post-structuralism just takes this down a different avenue by rejecting the sign-signifier-signified model of Saussure and showing how different cultures create their own systems of knowledge that aren't as neat and tidy as this. Post-structuralism uses culture to complicate meanings of things.

You seriously cannot do post-colonialism properly without this. You can't.  Otherwise you are going "oh well the british went to india and just overpowered them with their superiority ." Fuck that. That doesn't do justice to the complexity of the interaction and also negates the culture of the "native" by ignoring the gradual take over of colonial powers. They didn't just go and show them their boats and then there is subjugation. That is essentialist and also demeaning to everyone involved.

20 November 2008 @ 10:15 pm
I hate my class with the depths of my deep dark soul. Why do I need to get into arguments with people about the fact that you need to add historical context to a theory book if you are going to talk about Interwar France? Did that really happen? Really? People were like up arms about it and the teacher once again needed to step in and help defend me. Like I was some fucking duckling getting chased by an errant child or something. Jesus fuck my life. 
The thing is that France went through all this shit with the Enlightenment, the Revolution and then Napoleon and then the July Monarchy and then the new Republic and then the Franco-Prussian war BEFORE WWI even happened. And then they got disenchanted because WWI not only destroyed the borderlands of France but it also mentally and physically mutilated numerous soldiers that fought in it because of trench warfare and other technological advances. So if you are going to write a book about interwar France and are going to talk about pornography in relation to the emasculation of society and how the WAR changed people's perception of said pornography, then you probably should talk about THE WAR in relation to FRANCE.

Then later one of the dudes was like bragging about how he was challenging normative behavior because of Foucault. So he gives this example of how he was walking behind this dude who kept turning around to look at him. So he told the dude he was going to light his hair on fire. The thing is that if you are conciously doing the opposite of what you think the "normal" response would be, then you are still accepting that the system is valid. Something that these asshats were bickering about during another lecture. Proving that this dude just thinks he is being clever when he is really just being a douchebag both in and outside of the class.

These assholes wonder why I am so freaking nihilistic when this is going down in what is supposed to be my refuge from the ASSHATERY that is my job and every other ridiculous social interaction I am forced into outside of friendships.

I mean I know I am not this fucking super genius who knows all and shit or I wouldn't need to go to Grad School before I get my PhD right. I know this but seriously when I am the one who has to fight with them about this shit I feel like I am academic Batman trying to fight off Jim Carrey's version of the riddler AFTER he goes batshit and has to go the the asylum when he is all fucked up and shit. And I feel like misunderstood super genius Rodney trying to deal with his retarded minions who touch shit that makes everyone turn into tubeworms. Several times.
19 October 2008 @ 12:33 am
Wow. Snl is still not funny. Imagine that. No wonder I moved to watch the daily show and the colbert report. More funny less potty humor sketches. WTF sarah palin fails at life.


The central asian conference was really amusing. Well, amusing AND informative but do you really want me to talk about how I thought the academics tended to shift their focus to chinese-centric involvement in central asia rather than russian-centric involvement and that this was problematic because shifting academic focus from one dominant country to another just continues the problem? I think they should have been more balanced about it and acually talked a lot more about the middle east's involvement in central asia. How did Islam become a prominent religion in Central Asia? I'll spare you the rest. I took notes. Ok. Stopping now. Really stopping.

We played where's the grad student because they tended to wear vans slip ons or start talking about korea to the french academic talking about Shamanism. Grad students tend to find a way to talk about their emphasis no matter what people are talking about. Let's say you are talking about the October Revolution in a Russian history class and there is a grad student in it. Let's say that student happens to be taking the class as a capstone class and their focus is really microbiology. They will start talking about cell division in the middle of the class discussion on the bolsheviks and the mensheviks. Seriously. They would say that the russians started off as one cell, but then split into two. Like what they talked about in their class today! Jesusfuck. I must learn how not to be this grad student.

So how was your day?
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17 October 2008 @ 09:32 pm
When I posted my rant what I meant to talk about was my once a week return to my old job. Good job, self.

Job ramblings )

Lauren's been not-so-secretly laughing at me because I am spending all day tomorrow at UCLA at a Central Asian History conference. I did my Senior Seminar in Central Asian history so I actually got interested in it despite the crappy books we had to read. I am going with Katie, who I actually became friends with because of that class, and the weird modern middle east class we ended up in with all those wackadoo white dudes who honest to god thought they were middle eastern and Islamic and shit and that chick who randomly brought her Iranian friend in to talk during her final presentation about Swedish writers who talk about Muslim men abusing their wives. If Katie wasn't in that class I would have seriously punched someone in the throat. ANYWAY. I have to get up at 7:20 to be at her house in order to get there at 9. The conference ends at 5. Shit. I need to find my ipod otherwise we are going to have to listen to Aladdin on the way to UCLA and then back again.

Afterwards, I am spending the night at Lauren's again so we can be retarded about Cobra Starship and Rock Band just like last week! Only instead of going to a Panic concert and then crashing at her house for two days I am going to a Central Asian conference and will stay one night. Or something.


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03 October 2008 @ 10:37 am
[Error: unknown template qotd] *facepalm* I hate the internet.

*fake russian accent* Yes. Yes. Love cold war. Stand in line three days for nikes. Coca cola, yes? 


The Cold War seems deceptively simple, but it is a great example of global instability. Eastern Europe fell behind the iron curtain, the Vietnam war happened, Germany was divided into two, Central Asia was being consumed by the Soviet Machine, the Soviet-Afghan war happened. Not to mention the Cuban Missile crisis and the hoopla with Castro and Che Guevara. This doesn't even include actions in countries that are not part of popular history such as Bangladesh  gaining it's independence and Apartheid in South Africa.  How much more global instability do you need?

Also, if you look at America during this period you also see even MORE instability. You had the civil rights movement, de-industrialization, the riots of Detroit and other cities, the rise of complete consumer culture (TV dinners anyone?),  the feminist movement, free love, Kennedy getting shot, Reagan shutting down mental institutions in California, the Charles Manson killings. I mean what the fuck is this person smoking?

The world has always been and will always be in constant flux in one way or another. The more you study our history the more you realize this.

02 October 2008 @ 11:05 am
As was demonstrated in an interview with Katie Couric, Sarah Palin is unable to name any Supreme Court Case other than Roe v. Wade. note, via [personal profile] bookishwench, Palin was unable to name any SC case that she disagreed with other than Roe v. Wade. Which I suppose would be foremost on her mind, given the whole reproductive debacle that is her abstinence policy and how she charged for rape kits and all. I just love when other people judge other people's uterii. uteruses. baby growers.)

The Rules: Post info about ONE Supreme Court decision, modern or historic, to your lj. (Any decision, as long as it's not Roe v. Wade.) For
those who see this on your f-list, take the meme to your OWN lj to spread the fun.

Shelley v. Kraemer,  Why hello there supreme court decision that could have actually done something good and protected a large group of people's rights but failed to do so.

This was the 1948 supreme court decision,  based on a case in Los Angeles, that legally disallowed the use of racially based restrictive covenants in the country. This actually failed because law enforcement in Los Angeles refused to uphold it and thus set the precedent for how the entire nation would deal with this. This led to a mess of problems later on. /cliff notes version.

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26 September 2008 @ 08:12 am
I talked to my professor after class last night, because I had to get some hard copies of the articles we have to read for next week, and we were talking about the guys in my class that I thought weren't really being functional within the group. IE going off on tangents and not listening to what other people say and just kind of ganging up together and whatever. This was because they made someone cry in the class. Can you believe that? I mean I did not really understand what she was getting at because of the words she was using (her native language is not English), and  I was waiting for a deeper explanation but these dudes just kind of jumped on it and made her feel like shit for saying something, that when later explained, was a valid point.

She was getting at the idea that you cannot critique the feminist as a feminist, but rather you should critique what they are saying as it relates to what we know about Foucault's ideas. I agree with this, which is why my approach to criticising this was to deal with it like any other article and critique it based on it's own merits.

Later,  I was talking about the Feminist's emphasis on Foucault's second book within her article and that she uses his emphasis on male-male relationships to "prove" that he is ignoring or othering women, when he is just a gay man trying to deal with himself or whatever in the second book. I really don't like the second book, but whatever. One, those guys like interupted me and all started talking at once so I fucking started talking loudly to inform them: hey bitches I didn't realize that this was your turn. Two, one of the same dudes went after what I said and just went off on his own tangent. I thought that was rude.

I think that within this sort of setting that it is important not to invalidate other people's opinions by being rude or whatever. I think that a lot of undergrads in this class don't talk because they felt intimidated by these guys. I felt that way during the first discussion until I realized they were all full of shit and weren't really being relevant or interesting (thanks for the reality check, Katie!). I know there is a way to bring up complicated ideas that maybe other people didn't think of without being a dick ok?

I was glad that the teacher was aware of the situation and was trying to deal with it. I don't think anybody should feel like shit in a learning environment just because they feel like their opinion is stupid or wrong. The point is we are coming together to learn and grow.
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24 September 2008 @ 07:28 am
I have FINALLY decided on what paper I am going to send in as a writing sample for my graduate application. Since I am planning on doing comparative world urban history I decided to use my paper called: The Transformation of Rap: How French Rap Emerged and Challanged the Norms of Post-Colonial French society.  What a shitty name. I should rename it before I turn it in. How about: The Diaspora in France: How an Internal Subaltern Culture Used Rap Music to Challange the Authority of Post-Colonial French Society? Ah there we go.

The diaspora in France is composed of a number of different types of people from France's former colonies, such as the carribean, algeria, etc. They ended up living in the banlieues (I hesitate to compare it to American ghettos, but it's along a similar vein) because of lack of any other alternative and end up with subpar education as a result. They get fed up with being treated as a lesser group of people within a country that they thought was done controlling them and so when American Rap emerged, they kind of took it, infused it with their own culture from their countries, played around with words and basically irritated  the fuck out of French Authority/Society. It's one of the papers I actually LOVED doing research for. It was a combination of the music thing and the urban history thing. 

The only thing that worries me about this as a sample is that the lack of sources in English on this subject forced me to leave some weird gaps in it. Oh well. I think they are probably looking for my potential and not like PERFECT RESEARCH PAPER OMG LET ME HAVE IT'S BABIES. I would have sent in my one about Soviet Economic Policies and Their Effect on the Central Asian Environment, but it's 25 pages long and I don't want to bore the committee ok? I had fun with that paper too though. My grandma probably got sick of me running around the house talking about Magnitogorsk and Chernobyl and the Aral Sea and the New Economic Plan. WEEEEEEE GORBOCHEV IS RETARDED. Anyway.  Now I have this strange interest in the SOVIET ECONOMY.  I have books. WTF?
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22 September 2008 @ 11:06 pm
I am getting seriously irritated with cleaning commercials. I swear to God if I see one more commercial where a woman is vacuuming in high heels or swiffering her entire house for fun or using windex to clean the window while her HUSBAND IS SLEEPING IN THE CHAIR I am going to freak out majorly. I understand where the idea of feminine domesticity emerged from and how it developed and became what it is today but the suburban ideal was proven unreachable and unrealistic ages ago yet americans still cling to its vestiges. Like a vacuum commercial is going to save our morality or something.

I think its counter intuitive that a society that promotes gender equality in the workforce (supposedly) would continue to blatantly feminize housework and household shopping. Either one or the other has to be a facade and I have a feeling that more likely than not its the equality part of the equation. Of course, this is all an oversimplification of decades of ridiculousness, but seriously.

Don't even get me started on people directly referring to household products as a method of cleaning. "Swiffering" "Windexed" "Cloroxed." Wtf? I am so irritated with our culture right now I can't even breathe.
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21 September 2008 @ 01:21 pm

My life in a nutshell you guys.
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