13 June 2010 @ 10:46 am
 This weekend has been ridiculously busy so far. 

Friday I drove from work to the Largo in LA to go see Henry Rollins, who hasn't performed in LA in a few years, speak. I had bought tickets for saturday, but they had over sold and so I went and saw him on Friday instead and ended up getting placed in the front row to make up for the switch. Which was a very classy move and was something I did not expect. The Largo is seriously an excellent venue all around and I wish there were more shows relevant to my interests there. 

I had driven to LA straight from work because after 5:30 it's a total nightmare to deal with the traffic going north so I just talked to [ profile] marilla82 and [ profile] marienne_made on the phone as I walked around target and then went to go get a sandwich from subway. Let me tell you that their veggie subs are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than any of the meat filled subs that I have had there. What a motherfucking switch that was. I was like "eugh subway" and now I am like "SPINACH ON A SUUUUUUUUUUUUUB." Fucking nerd.  ANWAY Henry Rollins is seriously a really nice, smart, stand up guy and I totally love him as a human being as well as a musician/comedian/whatever. He's so hilarious too. It's ridiculously amazing how he can seriously go from talking about the charity that the proceeds from the ticket could go to to something super fucking ridiculous to something serious like Apartheid and then onto something else ridiculous without breaking the moment or making less of the severity of the situation etc etc. I really really adore his stupid face and if you have any sense in you, you should go see him perform. Seriously one of my favorite people ever. So genuine. 

Saturday I was invited to a birthday party in the evening and a world cup party in the morning. So I basically  got up at 5:30 am on Friday, drove to RSM/south Orange County, drove to LA, drove home, went to bed at 2 am because I was too amped from Henry Rollins to sleep right away, woke up at 8:30 am Saturday, took a shower, drove to the WC party at 10am, drank/ate and watched the game and hung out until 4:30 pm-ish, then drove home to pick up the food for the party, drove to Long Beach at 5pm, then drank/ate/whatever until 12 and then drove home. Exhausting and I still smell like bonfire smoke, but what a motherfucking amazing day it was. Totally worth it.

Today I am just going to laze about/ read and then maybe drive to Long Beach to see Exit Through the gift shop before I drive to Huntington Beach to watch the season premier of True Blood. 

Ps. What the fuck, World Cup? What the actual fuck have the games been so far? YOUR LIFE! This shit better stop at the group stages. Let me tell you. I AM LOOKING AT YOU, FRANCE AND ENGLAND AND ARGENTINA ETC. 

Also I would like to thank and cuddle [ profile] tanisafan for the extremely helpful World Cup spreadsheet she made and sent to me to keep track of the point/win-loss shenanigans.
31 May 2010 @ 09:46 pm
The strawberry festival was ridiculous and I almost bought the douchiest hat ever but got talked out of it. I am still ambivalent about whether or not this was a good thing... The festival reminded me that I am in love with nachos so we went to Super Mex because nothing else was open on memorial day. Nachos are amazing.

Then we went to the park and wandered around the sports complex trying to find the batting cages, which we found. Then we went to the actual park and found bagpipers so we watched them for a while before we ran around trying to complete the fitness challenges. Spoiler: we failed but it was fun. Then there were ducks and a lake and more walking then we drove to another duck pond and found baby ducks and evil geese. Etc etc. 

THEN we went to my house, played basketball, found a kite and then played Super Mario Brothers Two. 

It's officially summer in my mind. The end.

09 May 2010 @ 02:38 am
 Clusterfuck weekend is a clusterfuck. I got into another argument with my grandmother about my dad. He's seriously loud. I can hear all his phone conversations all day every day through my wall and he blasts his music all the time. And I told my grandmother that it's ridiculously distracting to have constant loud obnoxious noise going all day and she told me to go to my mom's house and I told her to go fuck herself and then I went to my friend's house. I am super mad because last week I was cheering a hockey game and my grandma told me to be quiet and I told her if everyone else gets to be loud all the time then why is it a problem the one time I am louder than normal.  I cannot wait until I move for my PhD and just have a quiet respectful life of academia and shenanigans. Milk crate furniture, mattress on the floor and xbox here I come. 

That actually sounds epic. Just me and an x-box and some books. Naps galore. Drinking coffee all day and not getting nagged at about being a vegetarian. 

So I am over at my friends' house and I seriously got more work done in one day than I would have all weekend. I have the power point presentation done and am halfway done with editing my presentation speech. FML I do not want to make this speech. I love that everyone I try to freak out about my thesis presentation at has unwavering confidence in my abilities, but I would still like to be able to freak out about it before the presentation. 

Also today Alie and I went ice skating. It went better than I thought it would go and we were singing Beatles songs obnoxiously loud. Then I fell on my knee and now it feels achy. The end. 
14 February 2010 @ 01:19 am
Thanks for the pedo bears and thanks to [ profile] marilla82 for the golf clubs and the woooie cushion. What even. Also don't be offended if I don't spam you with pedo bears because LJ doesn't list any of these things as available for me. Probably because I abused my snowflake cookie privileges when I cookie spammed the internet. Wow this paragraph is retarded.

Anyway today I hung out with [ profile] mokuyoubinogaki . We went to FIDM to see the Sherlock Holmes and Star Trek movie costumes. And talked about Seams because we are that kind of nerd apparently. Then we went to Amoeba and then over to my friends Aley and Laura's house warming shindig that Alie and I made macaroni and cheese from scratch for.

Random info that will be of no use to you (you are welcome in advance):
  • someone complimented my comic book iron man shirt. 
  • Days of Future Passed on vinyl on the cheap. One of my favorite albums ever
  • Modest Mouse
  • German Chocolate cake frozen coffee thingie.
  • Alie can sing so well that it's embarrassing to sing around her.
  • Singing Abed and Troy's Spanish rap is ridiculous in real life. FYI
  • Sisterhood of the traveling sparkle hoodie. It's in my possession. I must use it for good and not evil. Drat.
  • We have two things of brandy and two things of Kahlua that mysteriously live in a cupboard. So I liberated some of the brandy for my tea. The liquor that lives in the cupboard under the stairs. The brandy that lives in my tea. If we get owls for it to go to hogwarts I am going to be jealous.
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What the shit is this new livejournal video pop-up ad bullshit? Fuck you, livejournal. I am sick of getting harassed 24/7 by meaningless advertisement. I don't buy shit just because some stupid ad told me to because I use my brain and don't buy into mass consumerism. Also the use of gender stereotypes and blatant sexuality to sell me lysol and cheeseburgers reveals the lack of uniqueness in a product and is offensive to me on so many levels.

On a non-academic level: Fuck you I am listening to music and this is harshing my jive. >:|

Read more... )

This week I also hung out with friends, which is weird because I tend to be a hermit. Friday I went over to Aley and Laura's house to watch Kill Bill 1 and 2 and also made them watch the Big Lebowski because it was a travesty that they have not seen it yet.

Friday night I got about 4 hours of sleep because of insomnia plus Saturday morning my grandma woke me up at 8:30 to drag me to the around to take pictures of mountains and the beach because the torrential downpours finally stopped. My family is strange. 

Sunday Alie came over and we watched the alternative universe/parallel universe episodes of original Star Trek and kept shouting shit like "Gold sashes! I want to be evil so I can have a gold sash!" and "SPOCK'S FUCKING ASCOT! LOOK AT THAT BITCH'S ASCOT!
WHY ISN'T IT GOLDEN TO MATCH HIS SASH!?" "It's because they didn't want to make him too dazzling!" "I love how unconcerned they are with random assassination attempts." "This is the star trek equivalent of the harry potter crucio." "More like the crucio is the harry potter equivalent of THE BOOTH!"

Then Alie drew Evil!Spock with a gold ascot because we obviously have priorities and shit:

pictures )
I also started crocheting some robots and a grim reaper. And today I was bored and sad because [ profile] _kiden wasn't online so I watched a bunch of Star trek and am now reading a bunch of National Geographics. The end.
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19 January 2010 @ 12:46 pm
(12:33:27 PM) Jackie Robots: also, RDJ speech is amazing.
(12:33:33 PM) me: I KNOW
(12:33:37 PM) me: i wish they were all like that
(12:33:38 PM) me: i got the motts
(12:33:47 PM) Jackie Robots: he's so awesome.
(12:33:49 PM) Jackie Robots: haha
(12:34:47 PM) me: he did what i would do if i ever had to make a speech
(12:35:14 PM) me: sarcasm
(12:36:14 PM) Jackie Robots: yep, this is why he speaks to us.
(12:36:38 PM) me: yeah
(12:36:42 PM) me: he's a total badass too
(12:36:47 PM) me: in a geeky way
(12:36:49 PM) me: he's like our mentor
(12:37:47 PM) Jackie Robots: haha yesss
(12:37:57 PM) me: hahahaha
(12:37:59 PM) Jackie Robots: he's our king. or
(12:38:01 PM) Jackie Robots: something liek that.
(12:38:03 PM) Jackie Robots: probably not.
(12:38:06 PM) Jackie Robots: but we appreciate him.
(12:38:20 PM) me: hahaha
(12:38:50 PM) me: i think our king is probably stan lee or stephen hawkings or like bill gates.
(12:39:04 PM) Jackie Robots: or a robot
(12:39:05 PM) me: and then rdj is the rebel scum that they hire as a missionary
(12:39:12 PM) Jackie Robots: containing the personality and intelligence of all three
(12:39:15 PM) me: that is our fearless leader

Also I figured out how to change my alias on all my messenger accounts to be "Black Lantern." That is all.
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07 January 2010 @ 07:43 pm
(7:39:03 PM) Me: sheldon has these kick ass plaid pants in season one
(7:39:05 PM) Me: that like disappear
(7:39:10 PM) Me: BRING THEM BACK
(7:39:13 PM) Jackie Robots: SERIOUSLY.
(7:39:14 PM) Me: i'm gonna email them
(7:39:16 PM) Me: HAHA
(7:40:38 PM) Jackie Robots: hahahha
(7:40:44 PM) Jackie Robots: AND YOU NEVER MAKE THEM PURR
(7:40:45 PM) Jackie Robots: FOREVER
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03 January 2010 @ 11:37 pm
Christmas is still giving me the motts and it's been over for a week. Please stop with the presents. They make me uncomfortable and I am too poor to give you shit to alleviate my guilt motts. Christ on a pogo stick I was going to have a fucking panic attack this week because of fucking stealth presents. MOTTS.

ANYWAY. I went and saw the Treasures of Napoleon exhibit I have been wetting my pants over and it was ten bajillion (shut up spell check bajillion is a word) times better than I thought it was going to be. There were seriously eight rooms just FILLED with papers, books and doo dads from his rule. AND he seriously used bees to represent himself. So now my insane retarded love of bees just got boosted by historical ties to one of the early Frank Kings (Childeric I) and Napoleon. What is my life? GOLDEN BEES. I am so fucking jazzed about them. I am positively giddy. BEEEEEEEEEEES. Seriously. Making craftsmen create thousands of gold bees to put in your tomb = Now I am stalking your whole life to emulate you. Whatever.

there is nothing more ridiculous than listening to retarded ass people try to explain stuff in museums to the people with them. "See? Napoleon rejected the pope and saved Christianity!" This shit is why I don't feel bad about the bee thing. Or any of my history major geek outs. Fuck you.

I went with my step dad. It was a BONDING experience and shit. And we went out to eat thai food with my mom and they got 3/4ths of the dishes with tofu. Awww. Mah family is being all supportive and stuff. Also fried tofu = fucked up pillow fight in your mouth FYI. After drunch (dinner + lunch + r to alleviate the creepiness that would be "dunch") I went to my friends' new house to help move. AKA getting in the way until they let me play bookworm on an ipod. Then we went to Best Buy to whatever (bookworm) and then to George's for greek food. I am never too full for Spanikopita in case you were interested.

Also if I ever get a tattoo related to an fbr band fucking stab me in the face.
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03 December 2009 @ 10:38 am
Tomorrow I am flying out to Florida to hang out [ profile] momebie [ profile] marilla82 [ profile] theemdash [ profile] barbed_whispers and [ profile] fortysixthhour .

We're going to all go to the Buzz Bake Sale to see Our Lady Peace, Manchester Orchestra, Metric and Panic at the Disco. [ profile] fortysixthhour and I both signed up for meet and greet and I find this hilarious. We've both met Panic this year and Zack knows us so us showing up in Florida is going to be lulzy. At least to me.

[ profile] seratonation is also going to be gone until JANUARY and I am going to miss her :/ Who else am I going to talk to every day??? It's going to be like when she went to Jordan for over a month and I was sad panda.

Ok well back to my paper and then school and then CSI and bed and then AIRPLANE. Fuck airplanes. Beam me up, Scotty.
19 November 2009 @ 02:33 pm
In which [ profile] momebie and I try to answer the query of why we are close friends:

Danielle: like jwalk owes you a bear?
KL: Yeah, except she'll actually get her OLP CD. I'm never going to get my bear. :(
Danielle: it's behind the couch
KL: I don't think a bear would fit behind our couch. Granted, I'm not home right now, so I don't know for sure.
Danielle: exactly. schrodinger's cat.
KL: Does this mean the bear will both eat me and not eat me?
Danielle: depending on whether or not the bear actually exists.
KL: Schrodinger pets are tricksy. For instance. Do I need to actually buy them food?
Danielle: not if it is or isn't a bear. bears are tricksters
KL: That's it. Next time Boy asks for a pet, I'm getting him a Schrodinger's Hedgehog.
Danielle: that he may or may not have to feed
KL: Right.
Danielle: perfect boy pet.
KL: Word.
Danielle: should we recommend it to Ryan Ross?
KL: Haha. Yes. Get him Schrodinger's Jack Ass.
Danielle: How can we when that's what he is? That's why we always question whether or not he is real?
KL: Hm. Fair enough.
Danielle: so for his pet we need to get... Schrodinger?
KL: Ahahahaha. Schrodinger'd look like one of these guys about now:
Danielle: I meant figurative Schrodinger. Like Schrodinger II or III depending on how youthful we want our theoretical scientists.
KL: Schrodinger's coffin? But you know, I think I like my theoretical scientists middle aged.
Danielle: with or without a pipe, mustache and bow tie?
KL: Definitely a pipe. Bow ties are a plus. Mustaches are optional because they're kind of fun and kitschy, but weird to kiss.
Danielle: wait are we finding ryan ross a scientist babysitter or someone for you to make out with?
KL: He can't be both? :(

This also serves to prove this hypothesis:
KL and Danielle are science nerdtards.
12 November 2009 @ 10:34 am
I don't like babies but I'd be willing to have [ profile] momebie 's geekbabies is all I'm saying.
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23 October 2009 @ 07:49 pm
Zombieland was such a fucking piece of shit. I can't believe people recommended this to me. It was a hipster/indie zombie film to the extreme. Oh my god. I was so bored that I started fast forwarding through it to see if they died.There wasn't even enough gore to make up for the stupid plot. Leave it to this movie to try and prove my "there can't be a really bad zombie movie" thesis wrong. OH MY GOD SO HORRIBLE. I feel dirty.

Anyway. My grandparents are home from Maine. The stuff they brought home was hilarious. I don't even know how they are real people sometimes. They brought (and mailed home) two boxes of seafood for people and a whole tub full of pasteries. This is always hilarious to me. Then my grandma brought me back: a bunch of mackintosh apples, a PIZZA BOX full of orange japanese lantern flowers (they look so pretty in the blue glass jars I put them in), two sets of hipster plaid leg warmers, and a huge bag of fluffy green yarn. She knows me too fucking well!

Then I got the best mail EVER. First off [ profile] seratonation sent me a letter that was so sweet it made me cry. It was kind of ridiculous and I love her for it.
Mail! )
I love [info]seratonation. We've been friends for six or so years now and she is one of the coolest people I know. I am always surprised at how much she remembers and how sweet she is. *hugs* I love you!!!!!!! You made my week with your letter. It was so nice.

And then I got a refund check from school that was $1200. OH MY GOD. What a brilliant fucking day. Too bad today was sucky.  I am sick and I fucked up this crochet giraffe twice because of counting issues and I am so done with that so I took a break and watched shitty zombieland but am now watching Aliens so hopefully tonight won't blow as much as today did.If it does I am just going to down some nyquil and call it a night.
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21 October 2009 @ 12:25 am
[ profile] _kiden and I keep having ridiculous twitter (and now aim!!!!! YES) chats about whatever and because of our offhanded quoting of Fear and Loathing [ profile] _kiden drew us fighting bats and I used it in my lj profile to give people a fair warning.

Except I mentioned lasers shooting out of my eyes and if this was us in real life one of us would be faking the moonwalk despite the bats. WE WOULD DEFEAT THE BATS WITH BOOM BOX MUSIC AND BAD BEAT BOXING. SHUT YOUR FACE.

10 October 2009 @ 12:09 pm
Normally when I go to Barnes and Noble I end up going and crying over the history section and then buying a bargain cookbook but! Not last night!

Last night my friends and I went out for Indian food and then were going to see Whip It, but the movie listings LIED and we had to wait and hour and a half. Which we used to explore Barnes and Noble!

IDK if I turned on my ridiculous radar when I walked in but we managed to find every single Pride and Prejudice related fan-fiction-turned-into-a-book book. EXCEPT ZOMBIE PRIDE AND PREJUDICE!!!! What do they file it under? We found the Sea Creature Sense and Sensibility on the horror table they set up for Halloween, but where would it normally be?

Anyway. The important thing is that I found a Zombie Haiku book that made me pee my pants laughing and I would have bought it but I ended up wanting to write my own zombie haikus instead.

I can't wait to write more ridiculous ones and then branch off and write robot haikus.

ANYWAY. I ended up having my fantasy book buying experience. First off I bought my favorite Chuck P book. Then I found a crochet robots pattern book then I bought Indiana Jones and the Army of the Dead. Indiana Jones... versus ZOMBIES. It's going to be so ridiculous and bad that I am already drooling.

Whip It ended up being really good. Mostly because I like Roller Derby. The plot and the actors were actually pretty good and I didn't end up guessing the entire plot in 10 minutes like what usually happens. And then afterward we had to give Adrian her derby name because Aley, Laura and I already have ours. Aley's is Marta McDie (1959), Laura's is Lucy Fur (665 1/5), mine is Ford Defect (42) and then Adrian's is Rim Shot.

Up next: Zombieland. Oh my god I can't wait. It looks so ridiculous and I might have to hide my face in someone's neck during the Zombie clown scene but seriously. CLOWNS.
10 August 2009 @ 07:13 am
I just wanted to pop in and leave a quick note to thank you guys for your kindness and generosity not only on my birthday but around the year as well. I received so many birthday wishes and so many thoughtful gifts, as well as experiencing epic Birthday shenanigans, that I just wanted to send out some love to you guys for it. 

I will post later but I've got 86 myself out of my house and go to work now. I am so tired from Disney. It's ridiculous.
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Sorry I am posting a lot but I've been doing a lot and have a lot to pimp out and shiiiiiit.

Firstly! [ profile] dragontamerno3 I am doing another tardis bookmark. Would you like this one? 

Secondly! I went to the aquarium. Expect a lot of pictures. 400 pictures. FML. Also some from SD in June and also sawdust.

Third! My good friend [ profile] marilla82 got featured in a Vans Girls Video (@2:50). I hope it gives her some more exposure in the industry. She deserves some win at any rate.

Fourth!!! My other good friend [ profile] momebie is doing a project to "decrease world suck." Basically you take pictures, print them out, write messages or draw on them (or both) and you leave them for people to find. Here is the official webpage for it. I think it's a great idea.

Here is her video to explain it:

Fifth: Do I still owe people things from that craft thing I posted a while ago? I know I owe [ profile] tanisafan her birthday present, which I am working on, and I believe I owe [ profile] seratonation something. But anyone else?

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15 June 2009 @ 12:47 am
You probably could have guessed but I like retro stuff. I like record players and roller skates and all sorts of ridiculousness like that. So my friend Alie and I are starting to do stuff like go to the roller rink, and pretend we are roller zombies, and bowl and mini-golf and shit like that. I am kind of excited because I need to get out of the house more and it is nice to have someone that has similar interests as me in this respect. I am going to try to track down a drive in theater too. There was one in costa mesa a few years back but I think it shut down. What other fun retro stuff is there to do?

Also my second attempt at crochet is going better. It's still ridiculous but it's way better than I did the last time. I also found some old knitting projects to finish up, such as a sweater I started a while back but gave up since I was rusty  and like a bajillion scarfs floating around the house. My house is flooded with yarn projects. No joke. I am also almost done with my bag. I just need to work on it more and get it done. I want to add some jellyfish and maybe a crab. It's cuter than I thought it would turn out, especially since the transfer pencil keeps wearing off and I ended up doing most of it free hand. Balls.

I should go to thrift store hopping this week to get more records too. Delicious. I also am trying to resist the MCR sale. It's ridiculous how much I want that quasi metal shirt but they don't have a size chart and that makes me nervous because I think I am too fat for clothes sometimes. It's retarded but whatever. My grandma calls me out on that shit all the time.

I spent a good chunk of time today organizing our cleaning supply closet because my grandma asked me to, unlike the times I organized our spice cabinet or the hall closet or her sewing room or the pantry or... because I got bored. It's all useful now. I wish I could organize shit for a living. Trish Surh should bequeath me a job on Clean House. I would rock their world with my mad skills. I have pictures but feel too ridiculous to post them. That reminds me that I need to clean my room tomorrow too. Well. It depends on when I go to my mom's house. I will probably take forty bajillion pictures of her dog but at least I will be out of my house and at someone else's house. This statement makes me laugh right now because I actually had plans last week, but saying I have a social life is a HUG OF LIES. Social moments would be more apt a description. Social moments laden with social anxiety. 

Anyway this yarn is cotton candy pink and I am getting fond of it. It's like it's taking hold of my soul and tossing heart sprinkles on it or something. And holding hands with faeries and talking about seed pods and shit. This post no longer has a point so I am going to go listen to styx.
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26 April 2009 @ 03:46 pm
This week was a great turnaround for me after the trouble I've had the last few weeks.

Thursday I went to Depeche Mode.

Friday I found out that I won an award for a paper I submitted on the Aral Sea in Uzbekistan. I won third place and $500 and will be presented the award at the History Award Banquet and will also go to a luncheon with the people who furnished the money for the award. I am insanely pleased and honored to have won.

Also on Friday, I was able to hang out with

[ profile] dragontamerno3 and [ profile] pezwerewolf . We went on a nature walk at El Dorado Park, which is becoming a habit now, and also went to [ profile] pezwerewolf 's house to watch Diary of the Dead and have shakes. Well, I had a shake. Whatever. I hope that [ profile] clockstopper will be able to come with us the next time. Nothing's funner than having three of my close friends taking walks and watching Zombies with me.

Saturday. [ profile] clockstopper /Lauren came over and we ended up being ridiculous and going grocery shopping because I was out of things. To make up for it, I made pizza from scratch with Vegan soy cheese. It ended up being really good. She also made me listen to the Academy is Seagull song. Wtf my life that was hilarious. Lauren singing it was even greater. Then Lauren got to meet Katie before Katie and I headed off to see Ladytron and The Faint, who were both fantastic. I had such a great time seeing bands I've liked since high school. I'm OLD. People were being dicks with their dancing, but other than that it was epic.

 Today I was watching a show on pizza and want Chicago style pizza, but socal severely lacks in it so maybe I should buy a pan and just learn to make it myself. What do you think?

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26 April 2009 @ 03:22 pm
[Error: unknown template qotd] .

All this goes to show is that if two people are willing to be truthful and give the time to friendships that it doesn't matter if they are conducted or started on the internet or anywhere else.The community that I have become a part of on here wouldn't be possible in real life because you guys are so spread all over the place!

14 March 2009 @ 04:43 pm
Mad motherfucking props to [ profile] sarahsaloser. She crocheted a little amigurumi doll of Spencer Smith. Check it out.
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