01 January 2011 @ 01:53 am
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22 February 2010 @ 11:58 pm
As of right now I am switching to a new livejournal name. I need a fresh start.
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19 January 2010 @ 05:46 pm
I am "bored" (bored means I had an idea and want to pretend like I didn't have a vested interest in it fyi) and have some relatively newish friends on here (*cough since july *cough fuck you) so I am writing this intro post.

About me
  • Hands down the most important factoid you need to know about my life is that I am getting my Masters in History and want to get my PhD. My focus is on the Urban History of the post-colonial Francophone World, but I generally loose my shit over most urban history. I also tend to do environmental history.
  • My childhood up until my first few years of undergraduate work were really fucked up so don't ask. Just know that I have trust issues because of it. The end.
  • I survived getting a lot of shit in middle school and high school because I adopted a "if you don't like me then fuck you I'm going to do whatever and be myself" attitude that has tended to serve me well over the years.
  • Hobbies include photography (digital and 35mm black and white darkroom shenans), knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, embroidery, abstract art that I never post,, jewelry making, painting, sewing, etc. Generally I just like to make shit so I'll glue a bunch of shit together if the time is right (like with this project) or get out a staple gun and upholster something via instructions on the internet. Other hobbies include cooking, reading, robots, shooting lasers out of my eyes, and achieving McCoy levels of irritation/misanthropy with the world, comic books, astronomy, going to museums, concerts, aquariums, craft fairs, the beach, riding bikes, talking about  cats and interpretive dancing (for real). I also sort of play the guitar (I won't play it for anyone though so don't ask) and I am trying to learn the drums.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Basically my hobbies are being interested in the world around me and being a productive and creative human being.
  • Other interests include MUSIC!, history (duh), most sciences (particularly physics, astronomy, geology, marine biology), architecture, photography (particularly pictures from the 1800s and early 1900s and nature/astrophotography), crafting, geeky shit (video games, comic books, movies, science fiction, etc. For reference watch the big bang theory. My mom likes to call me Sheldon), zombies/horror, ridiculous shit, unicorns, food (I am kind of a foodie).
  • I am totally blunt and it often seems like I am an asshole. Whatever.
  • My response to most annoyances is to punch them in the throat or ignore them until they go away.
  • I don't date. People make me feel claustrophobic so I don't really talk to them. Eventually though some guy will bother to talk to me and like me and whatever. I don't really want the settled down white picket fence bullshit or kids so I think I am just going to die alone with my cats. Whatever.
  • I generally don't do segues. I jump into conversations in the middle and work my way out from them. This bugs the shit out of and confuses my mother a lot.
  • My sense of humor tends to be pretty geeky/nerdy, macabre, dry and absurd.
  • I don't friends lock most of my journal because 1. I don't give a shit who reads it and what they think of me and 2. I am a pretty open person.
  • I think I am touch deprived. This is bizarre because while I am an affectionate and cuddly person, nearly all the people I am around the most don't like to be touched.

How I relate with friends!
  • I don't have friends filters because if you friended me I am not going to play hide and seek with my posts to appeal to your delicate sensibilities. Read my shit, don't read it or defriend me. Don't tell me how to run my own journal.
  • My friendship mentality is: Shit or get off the pot. IE: Don't half ass or bullshit your friendship with me. I will notice and I will kick you in the chest or abandon ship leaving you confused as to why I don't talk to you any more. 
  • I kind of get paranoid and think everyone hates me from time to time. Or I freak out and push people away. This is why I warn people I am SOCIALLY RETARDED when they try to be my friend. You've been warned, motherfuckers.
  • I don't think I ever do enough for my friends so don't be shy to ask for shit. I'll totally track down that photo/song/album/app for you, pick you up from the airport/help you move and if I'm in the right mood/am not totally broke I'll make you something. Really.
  • I don't tend to talk about my feelings beyond declarations of my general love and affection for you, my enthusiasm/love for whatever and my wrath for stuff. Talking about my feelings tends to give me the motts so if you need like detailed reasons why I love you you should ask because I am probably not going to list it without being prompted.
  • If you are a whiny bitch about everything  or want to complain about the same thing all the time then I am not the friend for you. I am not going to pander to your emo.
  • I like to do shit. I don't want to go to the mall with you and watch you shop all day.
Feel free to ask me anything else you need to know. The end.
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14 January 2010 @ 08:25 pm
I defriended a bunch of comms and people both on here and twitter. I am moving beyond certain bandish interests and have decided to add comms relevant to my geekier and craftier and foodier tastes.  I want 2010 to be less about what certain guys are doing (not that 2009 was all about that. it just had a fair share of it and I am fine with it but want to move on this year) and more about learning, creation, girl power, robots and geekdom. Emphasis on girl power.

2010 I need to start feeling better about myself and I think that shifting my internet habits will go a long way to help this.

Link me to your favorite communities, twitters, tumblrs and websites and music! Especially if they are constructive and lead me to reading more and making more shit (*cough sherlock holmes cough*) or if they are related to certain epic ass girls doing epic ass shit.

Also! I won't be offended if you want to defriend me as well.
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01 January 2010 @ 12:50 am


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29 July 2009 @ 07:12 pm
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[profile] _kiden (who made the banner!) started this tumblr meme thing where you sing along with a song and post it. She did "El Scorcho" by weezer, I did "Super Mario Bros 2 Theme" as done by Brendon because I panicked (no pun intended) and just did something.

Then she did "I'm On a Boat" which led to us doing rap/hip hop songs. She did "Top of the Morning to Ya" by House of Pain and I did "Intergalactic" by the beastie boys.

This eventually led to us um doing this like bi-monthly or some shit. And this is the index to keep track of it all.

The Beatles

Potential themes:
Songs involving robots
Songs with the word cat in them
grunge, metal, 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s and so on, motown, new wave,
geekiest/dorkiest song, video game theme, theme song,
song by our favorite band, dumbest song.
foreign songs, songs by the B52s.

Next week is The Beatles.

Give us more theme recs please. Or even song recs. Otherwise we will just do normal shit and what a waste that would be. If we are going to embarrass ourselves we should embarrass ourselves with style. And robots.

30 September 2008 @ 08:43 am
I've had a bunch of people add me in the past month or so. Some for some deviously destructive reasons and others for reasons unbeknownst (or forgotten) by me. I figure I should do an intro post because otherwise you are just thrown into this without a primer I guess. People from other gangs are probably looking on everyone's lj for information too so hello there!

Well, you probably should have read my userinfo by now if you've never met me before.... Oh well. Here we go.

My name is Danielle. I am 23 years old and having heart attacks about grad school. I finished my application yesterday and turned it in online. Now I just have to mail in my writing sample and a hard copy of application. This has swallowed my focus for the past month or so, along with other school things. I graduated last spring with a BA in history, but am crashing a historical theory class this semester called Foucault and His Critiques. The grad students in the class are everything I don't want to become when I get into the program. They made someone cry. :/

Other than school/history my life is completely consumed by music. I am always listening to music or singing or talking about music or playing instruments (mostly badly but A for effort and enthusiasm!). I am trying to talk my grandma into letting me bring more instruments in the house but it's pretty much a no go. She won't let me get a cat, why would she let me have a Glockenspiel, right? It's ok because she puts up with my balkan gypsy music and my talk about zithers and drums and history and science and philosophy AND... that I seem to just fall in and out of without introducing anything. Kind of like in my papers for school! haha yeah.

That brings me to my next  exciting (!!) fact. I live with my grandparents. Long story short I had an abusive childhood I don't really like to talk about and was disowned by my parents for whatever reasons. So I live with my grandparents. Which is interesting. By interesting I mean I have somehow ended up becoming tech support for the entire house. Which is hilarious to me. Our house is pretty disjointed most of the time. We all have different sleeping and eating schedules. Different hobbies. Different things we like to eat. Which is why I am glad I love to cook, otherwise I would starve to death or have to eat heavy foods all the time. I like to eat a lot of ethnic and light foods so I usually shop at hippie organic/health food stores. I have gotten my grandma kind of into it too, which makes it easier because then we have peanut butter without hydrogenized fats and juice without all sorts of chemicals in it./food rant. 

My major hobby is photography. I have always had a camera attached to me. I remember when I was five or six I had one of those ridiculous hot pink cameras that look like a television remote and take weird colored pictures. Now I have like six+ cameras floating around my room and have recently bought a couple of Canon manual cameras with lenses and stuff that I need to get the hang of. I have a deviantart account for my photography if you are interested.

Now back to music! Because I can, outlines of my music cults sorted by date!!!! You signed up for this shit!
  • Depeche Mode + Queen + The Beatles + Pink Floyd = Childhood to now
  • The Clash + Blur->Gorillaz->The Good, The Bad and The Queen.= Middle School to now.
  • Muse + Placebo + The Smiths + Joy Division + The Misfits + Tool + Black Sabbath + Iron Maiden= Early High School to now.
  •  Flogging Molly + Descendents + My Chemical Romance + AFI -> Tiger Army. = High School to now.
  • Panic at the Disco -> Cobra Starship -> Fall Out Boy. I got into Panic when their first album came out. Comic con got me into cobra starship in 2006. I wasn't into pop punk and didn't listen to the radio much so Fall Out Boy Had to win my ass over with infinity on high ok? And my friends had to bully me into it. I suck. Whatever.
Now I listen to a lot of world music, stuff with different instruments, horror punk/psychobilly/etc., mellow/art rock (IE Radiohead and the VU), surf music, classical and... I am all over the place.  I will listen to anything. So feel free to rec me music now. That was the whole point of this I think.
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