13 June 2010 @ 10:46 am
 This weekend has been ridiculously busy so far. 

Friday I drove from work to the Largo in LA to go see Henry Rollins, who hasn't performed in LA in a few years, speak. I had bought tickets for saturday, but they had over sold and so I went and saw him on Friday instead and ended up getting placed in the front row to make up for the switch. Which was a very classy move and was something I did not expect. The Largo is seriously an excellent venue all around and I wish there were more shows relevant to my interests there. 

I had driven to LA straight from work because after 5:30 it's a total nightmare to deal with the traffic going north so I just talked to [ profile] marilla82 and [ profile] marienne_made on the phone as I walked around target and then went to go get a sandwich from subway. Let me tell you that their veggie subs are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than any of the meat filled subs that I have had there. What a motherfucking switch that was. I was like "eugh subway" and now I am like "SPINACH ON A SUUUUUUUUUUUUUB." Fucking nerd.  ANWAY Henry Rollins is seriously a really nice, smart, stand up guy and I totally love him as a human being as well as a musician/comedian/whatever. He's so hilarious too. It's ridiculously amazing how he can seriously go from talking about the charity that the proceeds from the ticket could go to to something super fucking ridiculous to something serious like Apartheid and then onto something else ridiculous without breaking the moment or making less of the severity of the situation etc etc. I really really adore his stupid face and if you have any sense in you, you should go see him perform. Seriously one of my favorite people ever. So genuine. 

Saturday I was invited to a birthday party in the evening and a world cup party in the morning. So I basically  got up at 5:30 am on Friday, drove to RSM/south Orange County, drove to LA, drove home, went to bed at 2 am because I was too amped from Henry Rollins to sleep right away, woke up at 8:30 am Saturday, took a shower, drove to the WC party at 10am, drank/ate and watched the game and hung out until 4:30 pm-ish, then drove home to pick up the food for the party, drove to Long Beach at 5pm, then drank/ate/whatever until 12 and then drove home. Exhausting and I still smell like bonfire smoke, but what a motherfucking amazing day it was. Totally worth it.

Today I am just going to laze about/ read and then maybe drive to Long Beach to see Exit Through the gift shop before I drive to Huntington Beach to watch the season premier of True Blood. 

Ps. What the fuck, World Cup? What the actual fuck have the games been so far? YOUR LIFE! This shit better stop at the group stages. Let me tell you. I AM LOOKING AT YOU, FRANCE AND ENGLAND AND ARGENTINA ETC. 

Also I would like to thank and cuddle [ profile] tanisafan for the extremely helpful World Cup spreadsheet she made and sent to me to keep track of the point/win-loss shenanigans.
09 June 2010 @ 08:14 pm
 So I started work. Scanning papers, sitting at my desk, drinking water and col brew coffee out of my thermos, eating outside, tinkering with electronics. Etc.  Etc. My desk is in the corner and I share a cube with 3 people who don't talk to me. Haha. My life. 

THE BLACKHAWKS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! POST OVER!!!!! I just did a victory lap around my house and did a dance etc etc. CALLED THAT SHIT. I KNEW THEY WOULD WIN TONIGHT. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. dfjkdhfgkjdhfgkjdhgjkfdhgjkfghdkj 
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06 June 2010 @ 02:50 pm
Finally finished that weird book I had to read for my thesis, which had a brilliant introduction by Sartre, and then got 80 pages into another one before I realized that it was too specifically focused on Algeria for me to gain anything from it to use to approach other decolonization processes. So now I am on to reading a book by Edward Said, whose work I adore, and then some by Homi Bhabha. I love their work so much. It's not unbiased by any means but it provides rilliant Post-Colonial theories to use when thinking about wars of decolonization, developing nations, etc. 

Sports: Baseball, World Cup, Hockey )

Last night my friend had a True Blood season 2 marathon and season two was just as fucking annoying as I remembered but it has enough really really good parts to make it even out. Even though my friend kept shouting about how hot Erik is. Which, hello duh, but seriously if you have nothing to say beyond that it gets obnoxious. Blah blah blah my feelings rant rant rah. 

Tomorrow I start work and have to get up at 5:30 = cranky mccrankerson. I've been trying to alter my sleep schedule but we'll see how successful I am tomorrow. Speaking of work I need to go pack my lunch and get my stuff set out etc. Also I should make green bean curry and go to the library today and get more books but that means changing out of my pjs and leaving my room. Eugh being an adult is hard work, guys. 
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First off I need to mention that my fighting the zombie hoard dreams are back. Now they include hockey players fighting along side me. My brain finally realized it could mix the two when I was sleeping. I need to do some research and see if there is any hockey zombie or sports zombie movies and then binge watch them to make these dreams occur more often apparently. 

My thesis prospectus presentation was on Friday and it actually went extremely well. The professors responded really positively to it and were very enthusiastic about it. They did not have any major issues with it other than I should just some cities out to save time or think about other contexts to work in etc. Nothing major like the other presenters got, as in how is this original research. To me, the whole point of getting into history and going on to get my masters and PhD is to add new topics and research to the field, if only for my own financial/career benefit.  

Luckily my friend Holly offered to take notes for me during the Question and Answer period so I could keep track of the detailed suggestions/questions/etc. and send an email to my committee so we could keep track of everything etc. I got a lot of great suggestions and will probably be cutting Tahiti out of my Thesis. I am going to write a paper on it at some point because of the amount of research I have done and the interest I have in it. If only so I can do it proper justice by adding the Cold War context to the section without having to this context to my whole Thesis, which would just be a huge mess to tackle. I am going to start a file just for this and maybe I will work on it to turn in for the History awards next year and then save it for later publication. This would be a good way to get myself further into the Post-Colonial World field. 

In other news I am still trying to tie up loose ends on the copyright situation but a good chunk of them still haven't responded back to my email so I have no idea what is going on with them. I will probably send my professor an email with those that I am waiting for a response back from and the date I sent the email so he can keep track of it. As of right now this book is going to be published summer 2011 so fingers crossed! They will be giving us each a copy of this too! My first published work, guys. 

I seriously need to get this other paper done though. I am seriously done with this semester and want to relax before I start work and more research. 
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14 May 2010 @ 10:17 am

Also as a present to me (JUST FOR ME. NO REALLY) it was announced that both Malkin and Gonchar are going to be playing for Russia in Worlds. My Russian team! I do feel bad for the guys who had to be sent home for them to play though. Worlds and World Cup soccer is seriously the only thing really keeping me happy right now. Well them and these kittens and coffee and friends iming me to make sure I am ok, but STILL.

Speaking of coffee I have to laugh when my mom refers to regular Folgers coffee as "The real stuff." I am like if I had the money you guys have I would buy better coffee. JUST SAYING. 
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12 May 2010 @ 09:55 pm
I am done with you, Stanley Cup playoffs. We are breaking up early this year. Ok one of my teams was out. That's fine. They are a bb team and it was pretty bad ass that they even made it. Then my other team, the winner of the presidents trophy, got taken out by the failboats with the haunted goalie. Fine. It's shitty but I love my teams and hockey anyway and plus my third team was still in it. Then THEY got beaten by the haunted goalie and now all the other teams that are left are not even in my interest range and if the Bruins are out then I won't even have Tuukka Rask to root for. WHAT IS THIS.  I AM DONE WITH YOU. I AM GOING TO GO WATCH THE IIHF WORLDS AND IGNORE YOU. We are done professionally. 

I was already cranky because I have to redo some of my thesis presentation and now I am like ready to punch myself in the face until I pass out in rage. Hahaha just saying that is making me crack up. I am so not a violent person. Idek why I say shit like that. Really? I am gonna rocket launch someone in the face or punch my own head in? Yeah right. More like bitch face them. I'LL SHOW YOU MY WRATH VIA THIS INTERPRETIVE DANCE.  I'll show you my wrath by cuddling this kitten and taking a nap. Jeez I am such a ball of fluff what is my life.
11 May 2010 @ 10:57 am
 The good news is that I am done with my thesis presentation speech and powerpoint slide show. The bad news is that I have to give the speech now. 

In other news I was randomly googling to see if Jonathan Richman was going on tour soon and I found out that he is going to be in Long Beach for three days next week so I bought a ticket ($10!!!) to see him the day after I turn my paper in.  KISMET.

ALSO. Russia and Canada are totally killing it in Worlds. APPROVED.
 The IIHF Worlds is starting today and I am so excited. Especially since they put the rosters up and I found that my favorite Caps player, Brooks Laich, is playing for team Canada. Still not going to root for them, but I am so pleased for him and bb Av Matt Duchene for getting on the team.

Here are the divisions, the teams in the division and my picks. In case any of you other than [ profile] marienne_made  are actually interested. And by that I mean I really don't care. I support your shenanigans so support mine. OR ELSE. FLOGGINGS START TOMORROW. 

Group A (Cologne): Russia, Belarus, Slovakia, Kazakhstan. I am particularly interested in this section because I have not seen Belarus or Kazakhstan play so I am pretty excited for this group. 
Group B (Mannheim): Canada, Switzerland, Latvia, Italy. I am torn between Canada and Switzerland, but am leaning towards Canada because if Canada does well than Laich will have more NHL leverage and since he is seriously my favorite I APPROVE OF THIS LIFE PLAN.
Group C (Mannheim): Sweden, Czech Republic, Norway, France. Three of my overall top four choices are in this group. FML. I am going to root for SW until they play France and then I will root for the BB swede (if he is on the team. The SWE team roster isn't up yet.)
Group D (Cologne): Finland, USA, Germany, Denmark. Everyone on the US team is seriously a ridiculous choice. What is this. 
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29 April 2010 @ 05:52 pm
The capitals lost. I am sad that they lost, but mostly for their own sake. They have been seriously giving it their all this whole season as well as the play offs and now all the anti-caps people are all over them calling them failures and saying that they choked. Meanwhile I keep reading these interviews with the players with them genuinely sad they lost it for the fans and Ovechkin seriously choking up in the post game interview. And then Brooks Laich changing someone's tire and apologizing to them for loosing. Totally the behavior of arrogant douche bags. Right? 

The thing about the loss is that I would have been more heartbroken about it if they hadn't brought their A game at all. It was extremely frustrating to watch them lose after out shooting Montreal for two games and Varly playing his hardest. It was just bad luck, some crappy calls and some genuinely fierce goal tending by Halak. If he wasn't playing  my team I would be so much more excited about his skills in this series because he pulled some Patrick Roy magic out for these games. It was like Patrick Roy REALLY wanted his former team to win so he gave Halak all his playoff mojo, That is probably the best compliment I can give Halak though because Patrick Roy is my all time favorite goalie. 

Now we have to deal with a bunch of people putting down the Caps and saying that they choked and Ovechkin failed. Like the capitals didn't play some of the fiercest hockey of the season in these games. What games were these asshats watching? Also Ovechkin, Theodore and Green are up for awards for being such terrible players. What even.  I just wanted to go and give them all hugs because they looked like they needed it. I sincerely hope that fans aren't mad at them for not winning because that is some bullshit. If you can't support your team when you lose then I don't believe you are a real fan. You just have to love your team for trying and playing some good hockey and then wait for next season and hope it goes better.

The level of hockey all the teams were playing in the play offs is also why I am not completely devastated about my Avalanche losing in series one. They have 10 rookies, around 12 players under the age of 26, Joe Sakic just retired (still heartbroken about this one), and they have had one of the most ridiculously up and down seasons. They had to make up 26 points to barely make it into the playoffs and lost like three in a row before they started their series with the Sharks, but when the series started they seriously stepped up their game. Craig Anderson and Matt Duchene especially. It wasn't enough to win, but after finishing at the bottom of the western division and 28th over all last season and then this fail boaty season I was very impressed with and proud of them. Not Foote though. He needs to stop getting last minute penalties and ruining all our lives. Also! Both Joe Sacco and Duchene are up for NHL awards. 

My teams! My heart! Four months until pre-season and I may go to the NHL drafts since they are in LA this year. And by may go I mean I am trying to get tickets but the Kings website is useless. 

Also my grandma is trying to rally me for the rest of the stanley cup play offs. It's pretty cute. I am like WHAT AM I GOING TO LIVE FOR NOW? and she's like watch the rest of the play offs and enjoy the games without the stress. Aww.  She just wanted me to lift trees for her though so it was not THAT cute but still.
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Sorry if this is weird. I just drank too much vodka during the Capitals game because they were out shooting the Canadiens like 3-1 and they lost 3-1. I am so sad. I feel bad for Backstrom and Semin and Laich and the whole team because that was such a fierce offensive game on their part, but no dice. At least they have one more game to win it.

Unlike the Avs. Who failed out. HOWEVER. Despite them loosing their playoff set, this season was a vast improvement on last season. I cried when Sakic retired after they were at the bottom of the western division. Now Foote is captain and I hate him and they have had such issues this season so I have struggled with my team. They did manage to make it to the playoffs by the skin of their teeth though and then proceeded to show they belonged their by fighting the good fight. Anderson and Duchene stepped up and played their hearts out and I am so happy for them despite this loss. I think next season they are going to take that extra step and do even better. I love my team. I still miss Sakic though. Best captain ever. I tried watching his retirement ceremony but I was crying and no dice. I never watched Roy's. I would probably break my heart too much with that one. Roy and Sakic were such fierce players and I love them so much for what they did for my team over the years. 

Apart from this mess, the penguins made it in. The penguins are weird for me because they have always been a team that I have liked and followed.Them and Montreal, but then the pens won the stanley cup and then everyone wants to pit ovi against malkin and crosby and it makes me sad so I get mad at the pens even though it's not their fault. It's not. For some reason despite hockey not having as many fans or love as other sports people think they have an opinion on it because they want to diss Ovi and praise Crosby so I just want to punch walls over it. I AM GETTING OVER IT NOW. THANK GOD. I want to love my teams without stupid crap getting in the way. 

I love the capitals and Ovi has done a lot for the NHL and doesn't fight unless he's defending Backstrom's honor apparently. And he's so into the sport that you can't help but love him for it. So I don't get why everyone disses on him when they loose or he doesn't score. Plus it's really unfair to the rest of the team because people just say he holds the team up when we KNOW that Backstrom and Semin and  Knuble and the rest seriously hold their own. 

Plus Crosby's actually a nice guy. Which makes him hard to hate when there are some serious asshole dbags in the NHL that deserve my wrath more. DAN BOYLE. THE END. 
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23 April 2010 @ 12:21 pm
Current Projects in History I Am Working On )

Foodie ramble about Thai food restaurants. )

Hockey )

Uh oh. My grandma never should have told me she was going to get me a burrito from San Pedro's because now it's all I can think about. The Mexican white cheese, and mouth numbingly fantastic hot sauce is calling to me and I am powerless AGAINST A BURRITO. Being a foodie is hard work, guys.

Also expect a ridiculously pointless and long music post after I finish listening to the new Foals album. I have a lot of music to flail about and I will probably ramble about Jay Z. And by probably I mean DUH. 

EDIT: So of course they fucked up the burrito right? Because beans, cheese, lettuce and rice is the most confusing combination on the planet. Obviously. And this gets more confusing because it's the only vegetarian thing there so I get it every time. Right?

Ok I have to go play archaeologist with my burrito now to discover the ruins of my dreams. I mean. Go scoop out half my burrito since the onions are glued to everything by guacamole. 

EDIT TWO: I wish they would sell this green hot sauce because I would put it on everything and never have sinus problems again. It's love.
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21 April 2010 @ 09:13 pm
SO APPARENTLY I GOT MYSELF DRUNK OFF TWO SMALL DRINKS. CONGRATULATIONS TO ME. At least I got homework done before this point. Which is a Christmas miracle because I am STILL SICK. And now drunk. 

THE CAPS WON THOUGH. So they just have to win one more to win this series. YAY. 

ALSO I am actually doing really well playing guitar despite not playing for like three years. I had major issues with esteem for a while there but now I don't care what people think of me and can torture everyone with all my ridiculous hobbies and die alone.  And I am drunk and not wearing pants. THE END.
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The Avs lost in OT. >:| And I spent all day working on two papers and went to school sick and the teacher pushed one of them to next week so I didn't even need to go. AAAAAAAAAANGST. I am going to go watch Doctor Who on BBCA and eat something and call it a day.  I said good day. 

Also! My friend from my summer internship said they hired me in her department so I actually have a job this summer. Hurrah! 

EDIT: Apparently when my grandma said she was going to the store to buy me apples, what she meant was ALL YOU EAT IS APPLES AND YOGURT, DON'T THINK I DIDN'T NOTICE, SO HERE IS A HUGE BAG OF APPLES. DEAL WITH IT. This is what love is, guys.
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19 April 2010 @ 11:36 pm
Ok you guys. Seriously I only watch four shows regularly and I do not care about getting spoiled for 99.9% of the media crap in the universe . However, if you spoil me for Doctor Who I am straight up taking you off my friends list.

This is your warning.  I am really laid back about this kind of stuff until someone twitters the whole episode and ruins it for me or someone just posts IANTO DIES and I don't even watch the rest of Children of the Earth because I am too mad. I watch Doctor Who because the plot has a lot of twists and mystery and it makes my brain work and I like the surprise characters that show up so when you twitter or post about half the plot outside of a cut, I can't even enjoy it because I know the whole thing already.

Yeah yeah yeah freedom of speech whatever. Post whatever you want but just know that I will not feel bad AT ALL about taking you off any of my friends lists and spending my free time making macros. Like so:

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 Let's all gather round and have a glorious moment of total gut busting laughter and glee over the fact that Dan Boyle of the San Jose Sharks scored on his own team in overtime to win it for the Avalanche, my team:

I consider this a delicious karmic payback for this dirty hit on Alexander Semin in the Olympics: 

Also I woke up today and felt at least 50% better than I did yesterday. I'd like to think that Semin did all this with his brain. Thanks, Semin. I owe you some delicious homemade Russian baked goods. 

PS Someone talk me out of this shirt

ALSO GO CAPS! 5-1! Brooks Laich, Matt Bradley, Gordon, Eric Fehr and Ovechkin all scored. 
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You guys. I should not feel this ridiculously sick right now when I just have the symptoms of a head cold. It all started on Wednesday with some ridiculously intense back pain and heart burn, which was a mind fuck because I have not any had since I went vegetarian and quit eating at the majority of fast food places. Thursday I seriously thought I was dying so of course I had to do homework and drive myself to school and talk about my thesis when I just wanted to die in a fire.

Friday I felt well enough to get lulled into a false sense of security at the Anaheim Comic book convention so it could come back with a vengeance in the middle of the day. I kept telling my friend she should have brought a butterfly net to keep me from wandering off and being ridiculous because I was so out of it.
Pictures. Ooh so unimpressive.  )Then I woke up today and felt like I was dying again and can't really lift anything or walk in a straight line and I was cuddling the refrigerator and being too excited about the Caps win and Backstrom's hat trick. Seriously. I kept telling people that everyone was going to get caught up in stopping Ovechkin and that Backstrom and Knuble and the rest of the guys were going to have more room to maneuver and get these kinds of goals. BAM. Backstrom wins.

Now I am just watching more hockey and I am shocked there is no score in the Sharks vs Avs game. Anderson is seriously winning this for them right now. And that's it other than my fail-y attempts at doing homework and almost falling asleep outside in the sun. The end.
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16 April 2010 @ 05:05 pm
My thesis proposal has been officially approved by my entire committee. I do need to tweak it before I do my presentation, but I knew that was going to happen so I am not surprised. I am surprised that my chair said my proposal was one of the best ones she's gotten. Either those other ones were super crappy or... Who knows. I am always relatively shy about my academic abilities so I should probably stop that and just be fierce. 

I have other homework I need to work on this week but yesterday I woke up feeling like death so I just finished the homework due last night and called it a day. Today I do not feel good either so I am taking a break but I need to start reading some stuff tonight. I thought a nap would help but the nap made me want more sleep so... fail on that plan. ZING!  Hopefully my allergy meds will wear off soon and I won't feel as tired. Which means they won't and I'll have to read some shit while all ridiculous on meds.

Also the place I intern in the summer called and I am getting the internship again this summer. THANK GOD. I was stressing out about not having a job this summer. 

[ profile] yeahrobots and I started having a mind fuck wednesday that is turning into mindfuck week. I think it's going to turn into AU April. So far we are embracing the mind fuckiness and talking about Ivan the terrible creating electricity so George Washington can hot glue his wooden toe on his body so mindfuck week is actually turning into a ridiculous creative advantage to us. It's also funny to call each other Kirk and McCoy because THAT was hilarious to figure out. [ profile] yeahrobots practically broke her toe and is using electrical tape so I was berating her and she was shrugging it off and we just realized who we really resemble when it comes down to it. Jesus fuck this week.

ALSO IT'S THE STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS! My Colorado Avalanche mindfucked everyone and won their game on Wednesday (MINDFUCK WEDNESDAY WAS SPREADING IT'S MIND FUCK TO HOCKEY). Unfortunately the Caps lost their first game, but I am confident they will turn this around and win their set. Actually all the teams I thought were going to win their first game lost except the Avalanche, but I wasn't 100% sure the Avs were going to bring their A game instead of their failboat game so... 

The second round of games starts tonight except  for the Chicago and Nashville game, which is the first of their set. MIND FUCK WEEK. What is this? 

I am going to have a stress heart attack by the end of April at this rate is what all this means. They are gonna find me curled around my guitar on the floor with my heart exploded all over the place. 

Edit: ALSO Rush is touring this summer! So I get to see Neil Peart perform in real life!

AND Roger Waters announced a tour where he is going to perform the wall in its entirety. THIS SUMMER IS GOING TO BLOW MY FACE OFF.
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My grandmother has effectively decided that I am going to Russia to go to the Olympics in 2014 and  [info]barbed_whispers agreed to go with me so let's see how that goes. I am kind of giddy at the thought of it. And not just because it gives me an excuse to start learning the Russian language and go watch hockey games. Lalala liar face lalalala. 

Speaking of [ profile] barbed_whispers   I think you should check out Exene Cervenka's newest solo album. I saw her perform it at a free acoustic set at the record store and it's love! I also got to meet her. Which was uh really bad ass because she's in the punk band X and I am so giddy over it still. 

Edit: Apparently it's my goal to make[ profile] radiophonic  hate me over Sidney Crosby or throw up while I talk about his man nipples . HAHA. 
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06 April 2010 @ 10:03 pm

Also, in case you're wondering, the way to [ profile] gisforgreen 's heart is via a French hockey-playing Boba Fett who speaks Russian and will marry her on the ice at an Avs game. Also, with bread. Y'all may want to file that info away for future use. ;)
Oh har har, [ profile] marilla82 mock me!  >:| I think it's pretty bad ass that I know what I love in life and accept it!
  • SPEAKING OF HOCKEY. I just lived the longest two hours of my life stressing the hell out over the Avalanche vs Canucks game. It went to OT and then a shoot out and then at the LAST POSSIBLE second the Avalanche WON and are now GOING TO THE PLAY OFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY! I am shaking. It's ridiculous but I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D MY TEAM DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was after the Washington Capitals SPANKED the Penguins 6-3. YES. My teams did so well today! It was worth all the stress for this moment! PLAY OFFS!!!!!!
  • I had another thing to update. What was it? OH YEAH. Boba Fett. I have this boba fett key chain I got for Christmas and this guy at the library noticed it and it sparked a long conversation about the Star Wars prequels that ended up with us praising Grievous and mocking Jar Jar Binks. ALL IN A DAY'S WORK FOR BOBA FETT! 

In other news after firefox 3.6.2 had a massive meltdown and refused to work with flash or java I have switched over to google chrome. I found similar extension that I had for firefox and they actually work better. PLUS google chrome does this: cut for magic )

Oh hi there all the websites I actually use the most. I don't even have to type out your web address. I can just click on a pretty picture and BAM. Actually this is funny because I go on WAAAAY more than facebook, but facebook showed up on this list first. Jerk!

Also you can use the url bar as a search engine. MY HEART. Streamlined internet for the win! 

Despite all this hoopla I actually got homework done today. A++ for me!

ALSO: What the hell is with livejournal's html now? You can't copy paste? What is this crap? >:|
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18 March 2010 @ 10:50 pm
There's a meme going about where people give you five words and you tell what they mean to you. [ profile] momebie  gave me words...


It's cute that you think me talking about it is going to get it out of my system.

1. Hockey. Hockey )

2. Russia. Russia )


Robots, Raptors and Light Sabers. )