26 April 2010 @ 11:51 am
 Dreams about the zombie apocalypse have now been replaced with hockey dreams and ones with me meeting Tim Gunn and talking about him being Iron Man in a comic book. 

I have three weeks until my Thesis Prospectus presentation and I DNW. I DNW so hard. >:| I hate public presentations because I start getting all vocally wobbly and start STUTTERING WORDS and it's just ridiculous. So I am hopeful that I will do well but I KNOW I WILL BE RIDICULOUS once I get to the podium. 

IN OTHER NEWS. I think I am over being sick now that I blew my nose so much I almost made myself throw up. It would have been funny if I wasn't so disgustingly sick for two weeks prior to this moment. At least today I feel better. 

I think I am going to go eat a box of blackberries to celebrate while I read about the French and the British getting into Naval slap fights over territories in Canada that were a waste of time. What Stephen Colbert would refer to as the owls of Colonial America.

Edit: This is officially the best article I have read in two semesters. For some ridiculously wrong reasons and my love for war in the 18th century and Napoleon. It's love.
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23 April 2010 @ 12:21 pm
Current Projects in History I Am Working On )

Foodie ramble about Thai food restaurants. )

Hockey )

Uh oh. My grandma never should have told me she was going to get me a burrito from San Pedro's because now it's all I can think about. The Mexican white cheese, and mouth numbingly fantastic hot sauce is calling to me and I am powerless AGAINST A BURRITO. Being a foodie is hard work, guys.

Also expect a ridiculously pointless and long music post after I finish listening to the new Foals album. I have a lot of music to flail about and I will probably ramble about Jay Z. And by probably I mean DUH. 

EDIT: So of course they fucked up the burrito right? Because beans, cheese, lettuce and rice is the most confusing combination on the planet. Obviously. And this gets more confusing because it's the only vegetarian thing there so I get it every time. Right?

Ok I have to go play archaeologist with my burrito now to discover the ruins of my dreams. I mean. Go scoop out half my burrito since the onions are glued to everything by guacamole. 

EDIT TWO: I wish they would sell this green hot sauce because I would put it on everything and never have sinus problems again. It's love.
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16 April 2010 @ 05:05 pm
My thesis proposal has been officially approved by my entire committee. I do need to tweak it before I do my presentation, but I knew that was going to happen so I am not surprised. I am surprised that my chair said my proposal was one of the best ones she's gotten. Either those other ones were super crappy or... Who knows. I am always relatively shy about my academic abilities so I should probably stop that and just be fierce. 

I have other homework I need to work on this week but yesterday I woke up feeling like death so I just finished the homework due last night and called it a day. Today I do not feel good either so I am taking a break but I need to start reading some stuff tonight. I thought a nap would help but the nap made me want more sleep so... fail on that plan. ZING!  Hopefully my allergy meds will wear off soon and I won't feel as tired. Which means they won't and I'll have to read some shit while all ridiculous on meds.

Also the place I intern in the summer called and I am getting the internship again this summer. THANK GOD. I was stressing out about not having a job this summer. 

[ profile] yeahrobots and I started having a mind fuck wednesday that is turning into mindfuck week. I think it's going to turn into AU April. So far we are embracing the mind fuckiness and talking about Ivan the terrible creating electricity so George Washington can hot glue his wooden toe on his body so mindfuck week is actually turning into a ridiculous creative advantage to us. It's also funny to call each other Kirk and McCoy because THAT was hilarious to figure out. [ profile] yeahrobots practically broke her toe and is using electrical tape so I was berating her and she was shrugging it off and we just realized who we really resemble when it comes down to it. Jesus fuck this week.

ALSO IT'S THE STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS! My Colorado Avalanche mindfucked everyone and won their game on Wednesday (MINDFUCK WEDNESDAY WAS SPREADING IT'S MIND FUCK TO HOCKEY). Unfortunately the Caps lost their first game, but I am confident they will turn this around and win their set. Actually all the teams I thought were going to win their first game lost except the Avalanche, but I wasn't 100% sure the Avs were going to bring their A game instead of their failboat game so... 

The second round of games starts tonight except  for the Chicago and Nashville game, which is the first of their set. MIND FUCK WEEK. What is this? 

I am going to have a stress heart attack by the end of April at this rate is what all this means. They are gonna find me curled around my guitar on the floor with my heart exploded all over the place. 

Edit: ALSO Rush is touring this summer! So I get to see Neil Peart perform in real life!

AND Roger Waters announced a tour where he is going to perform the wall in its entirety. THIS SUMMER IS GOING TO BLOW MY FACE OFF.
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08 April 2010 @ 11:15 pm
I got an email back from one of my professors about my thesis prospectus and she gave me the thumbs up for the project (apart from some notes to keep in mind. Which were actually really helpful so I can't complain. She also complimented my writing by telling me it's improved greatly since last semester. That was a confidence boost and a relief. Now I just need to wait until the other two send me emails, but one is in India so it may be a while...

Today RUSH announced their summer tour and they are going to be here on right around my birthday. Neil Peart!  It's weird because when my step dad and I were talking on the way to the Cheap Trick concert in February we were talking about what bands we really wanted to see and my dream list was Rush and Tom Petty and then they both announced summer tours. Keep reading my mind and giving me gold like this, internet.

I started writing this post thinking I had all this amaaaaaaazing stuff to talk about but apparently I don't. I just have more homework. After this week my homework is going to calm down because I pretty much have five things to turn in all at once and then normal homework routines will start again. 

Also the Avs vs Blackhawks game is tomorrow so twitter spamming will probably be happening. Which I am sure no one is excited about so consider this a warning. 

Ok back to homework and freaking out. 
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30 March 2010 @ 11:54 pm
Turned in the draft of my prospectus. Time for other homework and panicking my draft wasn't good enough.

Also Clerks 2 is fucking ridonculously hilarious. I am loosing it over here.
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28 March 2010 @ 01:01 pm
I would apologize for the lack of posts, but I honestly don't care that I've just been posting Writer's Block entries. They are short and sweet and show you a part of my life/interests/personality that you may not have known before.

The reason I have been M.I.A. is that I have been steadily chipping away at the multiple projects I need to get done before April 16th when my three week spring break/furlough break ends and I have to go back to focusing on regular school work. I have finished two books, written one paper, started another paper, emailed some publishing companies and am almost done with the first draft of my prospectus, which is due this week.

My allergies have started bothering me again so I was taking that pseudoephedrine based crap and it was fucking me up so I made my grandma get me some benedryl instead because if I have something with antihistamines in it then I won't get congested anyway. I don't need medicinethat fucks me up that bad when I am trying to get shit done.

I have also started going out rollerblading again starting a few weeks ago. I quit because when I rollerblade people tend to yell at me from cars or hassle me and I got sick of it. Now I go at night when there are less people out and I can rollerblade in the street without having to worry as much about cars. Also when I go at night my asthma doesn't bother me as much and I can stay out for longer.

For some reason my grandma just realized this and so last night when I went out to dinner with some friends to take a break from homework she was convinced I was on the side of the road, injured, and sent out a search party and the like. Which is really stupid because I CALLED her about me going out to dinner. Also if I was injured I would have called her or 911 so she was just tripping over nothing. When she told me all this I said to her "You made my night sound about ten times more interesting than it was. I just went out and got some enchiladas."

My life. So exciting, guys.
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09 March 2010 @ 11:51 pm
Sometimes I completely forget that even within the field of History that Russian, Soviet and French/Francophone history are the odd men out. Which is why I got a weird look from my professor for using the Soviet Union as an example of Cultural Environmentalism (where cultures shape how people perceive and interact with the environment). Also maybe I kind of got pissy that Russian ventures into America are barely ever talked about. Whatever. It's a valid critique of the current Colonial American historiography.

I get it. Spain and Britain had a pissing contest. Whatever. Let me learn about other countries in the Americas please. Like France. Which is actually relevant to my studies. Unlike the Spanish or British empires. Which are not.

Also I am going to strangle my family. It's like living with a bunch of teenagers. They are noisy and messy (there were several dirty knives and a butt ton of crumbs and some sort of liquid on the counter earlier) AND totally drama filled. I am not even kidding. There is so much drama going on in this house right now that I am about to start taking away phone privileges just so I don't have to hear them whine about some douche bag that they knew was a douche bag that's being a douche bag.  That's not a surprise. At all. So calm the fuck down.
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05 March 2010 @ 12:15 am
Man. Despite random bouts of stress and stuff I have been so happy the past few weeks. I am attributing a large part of this to the fact that we switched cable and I get to watch almost all the NHL games on tv. And then the olympics came on and elevated my happiness to eleven. It feels good to be invested in a collective something like this. It gives me the warm fuzzies.

Also I went in and talked to my professor about my thesis and about the comparative paper I am doing on colonial urbanism for his class (I get to write about Georgia which makes me glee face for some unknown reason).

And now I am embroidering a yankees jersey pin for [ profile] yeahrobots . Which proves my love for her.
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02 March 2010 @ 01:24 pm
I've finally stopped having dreams about zombies. It's been like 8 months of dreams where I am fighting off zombies with uzis and grenades.  Last night I had my first I am a male hockey player who is really a female but it's a secret dream. What? I think it also involved cheesecake and frozen yogurt. Look at my brain's new priorities.

I finally got my lettuce from the backyard and am eating it with no salad dressing. My grandma makes fun of me but if vegetables are fresh then they are delicious without dumping a butt ton of ranch on them. 

Also I am freaking out over my thesis prospectus. I am terrified it's not going to get done on time even though I am working on it. IDEK. I always feel like I never do enough in my school work.
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01 March 2010 @ 07:06 pm
Can someone please explain to me why that when I am not actually writing a 25 page paper on the Soviet Union/Former Soviet States anymore that I am finding sources one after the other? I am both irritated (because WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I NEEDED YOU and STOP DISTRACTING ME) and exuberant (THERE IS A BOOK ON THE ARCHITECTURE OF TAJIKISTAN *FLAILS*). Also how am I getting Soviet Russian sources when I am researching Tahiti? I& am not even on Jstor. What is this?

And now that I got distracted by it there aren't many english communities for Russia on livejournal. *facepalm* This is sad because I can only really read spanish, french and italian and not Russian. And they deleted my favorite Russian Horror Punk community. >:|

I am going to go make pancakes for dinner and eat a salad with it. Or some baby carrots since it's dark out and I am scared of our backyard at night and dnw to get attacked by aliens and opossums  and Sasquatch just to get some leafy greens. It's in the official house rule book that I just made up.

EDIT: Shit now I am on the mcfarlane website looking at action figures to take a break from research and I am going to starve to death.
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24 February 2010 @ 09:26 am
Class was a little ridiculous last night. We were discussing the basics of Dutch, French and British exploration and early colonization in the Americas and we ended up talking about Beaver hats, Russian Ushankas, Hockey, and the teacher was so giddy about remembering the differences between Lutheranism and Calvinism that he started rambling about them for longer than he intended. And then started a long discussion about reproduction and marriage rates that was a little ridiculous but actually relevant so it was pretty entertaining. It's going to be an interesting semester to say the least. 

Also I already kind of figured out what I am going to write about for the paper due at the end of it and I am kind of excited because it's going to be helpful background for my thesis and will let me learn a lot about the French's colonies in the Americas. 

The newspaper this morning also brought me some excellent news: San Diego's Comic Con might get moved to the Anaheim convention center by 2013. *flails* That's less than half an hour away from me and I would save so much money on hotels and shit and I could have my friends who live elsewhere possibly stay with me to save them money and *flaaaaaaaails*

The Russians are playing the Canadians and US vs the Swiss today in Men's Hockey today so that's where my afternoon is going to go.
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18 February 2010 @ 06:43 pm
I had to peace out of the house in the middle of my last post because my grandma had to go to the doctor because she fucked up her foot (tore a ligament) just walking in a straight line. The only way this house could get more ridiculous with it's injuries is seriously if we were at the beach and a barracuda flew into one of our necks.

I am not kidding. My grandpa has to get surgery on his arm next month and my grandma needs surgery on her knee and probably for her heel.  So I am the only fully functioning adult of the house and I have to keep our shit together. Which is sad because I basically just free style dance around the house and make soup and do homework and forget to eat so what the fuck do I know about being a real person.

In other news my goal to turn at least half my life into a gay 80s disco revival club have been realized thanks to Cobra Starship and Olympic Men's Figure Skating.

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07 February 2010 @ 11:44 am
And after the wave of the wand *poof* a responsible adult appeared.

And suddenly the state and federal taxes got done, the FAFSA form was filled out, the thesis committee agreement form and program planner were filled out, a thesis organizational plan was constructed, and homework was completed.

And so on Caturday, the traditional day of rest and lulz, there were friends, movies, beer, pizza, and Neil Gaiman writing an episode of Doctor Who. Amen.
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02 February 2010 @ 11:16 pm
It was the first day back at school today and I already feel simultaneously more at ease with myself and total clusterfuck panic.

I know at least three people in my class and it was nice because I actually like them. They are smart and insightful and nice, funny people. And one of them and I got into a discussion about Haiti and to what extent sugar plantations and the environmental degradation they caused led to Haiti being harder hit by the earthquake than other islands hit by the quake, like the Dominican Republic. I also brought up possible problems with architecture and the construction of buildings in Haiti. I like being able to talk with other historians about news events because we like to add extra dimensions, problematize and talk about these things in different ways.

I have to start writing my thesis prospectus asap and I am flipping out. Luckily the disco stick Star Trek episode was on to cheer me up with giant cats and shit.

That is all.
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11 January 2010 @ 09:20 pm
I finished reading Art and the City: Civic Imagination and Cultural Authority in Los Angeles by Sarah Schrank (My thesis chair/the professor that inspired me to go into Urban History) today. It took me a while to get through it because of how frustrated I got with Los Angeles' policies/approaches/restrictions to art in the city and it's lack of progressive/constructive responses to urban renewal/social problems. I was thrumming with anger at multiple points so I had to put the book down and step away from it before I turned into Mcrantypants over shit that happened 50 years ago.

Now for the actual review! I tried to keep my opinion of the work as objective as I could given my academic relationship with Dr. Schrank but I really didn't have to because the book was written really well. I am actually jealous of her writing because she writes just like she talks and has an excellent command of her subject and her words. So jealous. I also really liked how balanced the book was. She managed to handle a lot of information without her work getting too bogged down and cluttered, something that is a major problem in other historical works I read last year.

The book covers the growth of art, and of los angeles, from 1910 until the Watts riots of 1965. While it's main focus is on the growth of art and artists specific to Los Angeles, it also neatly ties particular artists, art, galleries, and art types to larger historical events, such as the GI Bill, the election of Thomas Bradley, and the Watts riots, as well as to social and urban problems, like the loss of civic identity due to urban sprawl, the ghettoization of ethnic neighborhoods and loss of public transit because of freeways, and the struggles between diverse groups of people and the homogenization that the city officials wanted to project.

The chapter on Nuestre Pueblo (the watts towers; created by the immigrant Sabato Rodia, who is actually featured on the cover of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band) was particularly interesting to me due to how she demonstrates how the towers were featured in the media to represent Los Angeles. Something that was ironic because of the poverty, social problems, and diversity that the tower represented as compared to its representation of Los Angeles as a creative, and white, capital. This is particularly interesting because of the importance of the symbol to Los Angeles, which benefited from it while the neighborhood continued to struggle with poverty and lack of civic, or community, centers. This duality is reflected in the riots themselves, which sparked after an incident with police brutality sparked the simmering racial and class tension and caused six days of violent and destructive rioting.

The methodology used in this book is going to be useful to my thesis because of the split between the actual identity of the city, ie diverse and multi-ethnic, versus the white washed ideal that officials and white residents forced upon it, causing major urban and social problems. This split is something that I want to look for in post-colonial cities. Did the residents of these spaces have a different vision of their space than the old Imperial government or the new government/ruler/majority? How was this split manifested? How did this split affect the space? How did the official treatment/ruling of the space affect different groups of people?
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09 January 2010 @ 05:53 pm
  • I had another zombie dream. This time I was in a townhouse living with [ profile] seratonation and [ profile] liamar13 and I was getting ridiculously pissed off that [ profile] liamar13 's mom was turning into a zombie and they wouldn't kick her out of the house so I took my cat and barricaded myself in a room until John Sheppard, Teyla and Ronon came to kick all the zombies asses with a water tank thingie because apparently everything magically turned into water world for this part of the dream.
Before the zombies came though I did get to go to an airfield to molest some pretty kick ass secret governmental aircraft. Priorities. I have them.

  • On Feb. 3 I am going to Barnes and Noble at 7:30 am to get a wristband so my step dad can meet his favorite musician: Ozzy Osbourne. I am the best daughter ever. I totally understand musical love
  • [ profile] _kiden bossed me into it it's posted here to the comm that and [ profile] _kiden and I created. [ profile] _kiden also drew some badass art for it here that you should check out even if you don't like icarly because it's a boy cuddling a cat and listening to records (CABARET! PLAID PANTS! KITTIES!)
  • I am now in the Sherlock Holmes fandom. I love the movie. I am reading all of Doyle's work on him. I am fangirling over suspenders and cravats with [ profile] momebie . I joined a bunch of lj comms. It's official. You should join us.
This post got totally fucked up by lj. *fixed*
03 December 2009 @ 10:38 am
Tomorrow I am flying out to Florida to hang out [ profile] momebie [ profile] marilla82 [ profile] theemdash [ profile] barbed_whispers and [ profile] fortysixthhour .

We're going to all go to the Buzz Bake Sale to see Our Lady Peace, Manchester Orchestra, Metric and Panic at the Disco. [ profile] fortysixthhour and I both signed up for meet and greet and I find this hilarious. We've both met Panic this year and Zack knows us so us showing up in Florida is going to be lulzy. At least to me.

[ profile] seratonation is also going to be gone until JANUARY and I am going to miss her :/ Who else am I going to talk to every day??? It's going to be like when she went to Jordan for over a month and I was sad panda.

Ok well back to my paper and then school and then CSI and bed and then AIRPLANE. Fuck airplanes. Beam me up, Scotty.
01 December 2009 @ 08:54 pm
I am officially freaking out over school. Even more so than I was the past month. It's sad when the only spot of joy in your school work is Greek Mythology in a poem. God damn I know too much of this shit. "Nine? There were nine muses right? Yes. How the fuck did I remember that?" "Hymen? The greek god of marriage?" "The hunter? Wasn't that artemis or apollo?" Fuck my life. This is kind of awesome though. I king of want to go and buy another copy of Edith Hamilton's Greek Mythology book and giggle over it some more. EUUUUUUUGH. Back to writing. I am taking a break from one paper by writing another paper. FUCK MY LIFE.

edit: I finished the paper on the poem. Moving on to my other work. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK DNW!!!!!!!!!!
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06 November 2009 @ 12:32 pm
Family bullshit )

On a brighter note I have six out of twenty pages done for my French Gardens historiography and am in the middle of reading my third book for it. I already read three other articles as well and feel like I have the foothold to really get something interesting out of it. This is also helping my urban history because it deals with cultural and social perceptions and use of space and material objects so I am kind of giddy about it.

Also! I went in and talked to my Thesis chair and we have worked out a definite second member of the committee and I have to choose between two colonial historians for the other but have to talk to one of them before I make a decision. I have already started doing research for it and have started on my perspectus for the thesis and am probably about two semesters ahead of the game for what I am officially supposed to have done in regards to my thesis. 

I have an exciting urban theory booklist for winter break to read and work on and I am super excited for it. Also both the members of my thesis are super excited to work with me as well and think this is going to be a good topic. They also have reiterated that this type of work is new and not many people have done anything close to what I am planning to do so my prospects for getting into a program for a PhD and doing work beyond that are looking really good. I feel really good about my scholarly career right now and am just going to keep motivating myself and working hard to maintain and move beyond the level of work I am producing right now.

Sometimes when you get really into your paper and you get all stressed and freaked out you need to step back and go "Oh I'm writing a twenty page historiography about the history of FRENCH GARDENS" and just laugh and laugh because this is your life, Charlie Brown.