02 June 2010 @ 11:48 pm
  1.  I got stuck in the bathroom again thus proving that no, WD40 is not the solution to the doorknob getting stuck. So I voted for a new door handle and since it's my bathroom and I am the one getting stuck in it... My door has a new handle. Thank you very much. 
  2. The Flyers won and I am in no mood for these shenanigans. >:| NO MOOD. 
  3. Can these theory books on decolonization please stop having depressingly obvious cold war undertones? I get it you hate/love communism/socialism and wrote this book before 1990. Very nice. No need to bring it up every other page please. Thank you. 
  4. Charlotte Gainsbourg's most recent album IRM is making me very happy. Drums and bass and all sorts of excellent instrumentation and nice vocals? Please and thank you
  5. Feel free to rec me music. I deleted around 3k songs and just replaced them with some "Learn to speak Russian so you don't starve to death" podcasts...
Here are some pictures of the memorial day shenanigans, the baby birds (!!!!) in our backyard and our garden.

BABY BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )
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The first thing I did today was GOT STUCK IN MY BATHROOM. The door wasn't locked but the metal gadget that goes into the door frame wouldn't retract. So I was just sitting there all sleepily trying to turn the door knob ineffectively until I realized it wasn't a coordination issue and started pounding on the door going "I am officially stuck in my own bathroom, guys." And then I sat there and giggled while people got screwdrivers and tried to get me out. That wasn't working so my grandpa took off the screen and handed me a screwdriver to try to take the door off the hinges but the hinges were basically stuck together with rust so I was like fuck this I'm just going to climb out this fucking window, go out and kick the fucking door in. So of course as soon as I started climbing out the door came open and I was a free bitch, baby. 

That woke me up faster than the coffee I am going to go make myself right now. 

*jazz hands* Happy Tuesday. 
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31 May 2010 @ 12:56 pm
Being the special person that I am I totally forgot to mention that I am going to Russia with [ profile] marienne_made in August. So I am flipping out over that and trying to get everything set up for it before I start work next monday. 

This is ridiculously less important than Russia but it's still pretty exciting. Well exciting for me. ANYWAY. It's fruit season so we've been eating watermelon, strawberries and cherries and the raspberries in the backyard are ready to pick and peaches and blueberries are coming in soon and *flails*. I've been eating watermelon, strawberries and corn for lunch and snacks. It's amaaaaaazing. I love the summer. THE END

ALSO! Dear hockey god. Do not let the Philly Flyers win. please. Their dbag fans will be fucking ridiculously unbearable and I'll explode. Also Hossa needs to break his curse. Amen. 

And now I am off to hang out with [ profile] mokuyoubinogaki and go to the strawberry festival. 
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28 May 2010 @ 12:02 pm
 So much stuff has gone down that I don't even know where to begin so I will start from the earliest news and work my way to the present.
  • I already talked about my thesis presentation so I won't rehash that except to say that professors stopped me to tell me mine was the best etc and that they can't wait to see how it turns out. Which pleases me to no end. I don't need to be the best, but it is a relief to me that all  my hard work paid off and that people were receptive to it and excited for it. This makes me more motivated to get it going because I know that it's something new and interesting to a lot of different historians. 
  • I heard from my summer internship before I presented my paper but did not get around to talking about/dealing with it until this week because I was so busy. I've officially got a job for this summer at the same place and I start June 7th. 

CHUCK P!!!!!! )
  •  Then I didn't sleep for two days while I finished and turned in my paper. And found out I got an A on it and in the class and I could have wept with relief because I threw myself into this class.
  • I got a B in the other class which was less work and I still don't know how that worked out when I turned everything in on time and am still fucking dicking with copyright people. Seriously. STILL EMAILING THESE TWATS POST-SEMESTER. That's totally a B. I would be more irritated about this if I cared but I don't. I just care about it affecting my GPA. Obnoxious but ditching this bs to do my Thesis instead was the best idea ever because this class wasn't even something I wanted to do. The end.
  • I went to a going away party for my friend that is moving to texas and getting married and since I hadn't eaten for two days I got super drunk off of one drink , ate and then drank three more and everything was amaaazing. I needed that after this ridiculously stressful semester.
  • JONATHAN RICHMAN. I finally got to see him live. He's ridiculous and I laughed a lot and it was totally worth dealing with all the people bitching about the small space and hitting me with their obnoxiously huge bag.
  • I am basically still exhausted from this semester and am sucking at being a real person so I am just reading Crime and Punishment. The end
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14 May 2010 @ 10:17 am

Also as a present to me (JUST FOR ME. NO REALLY) it was announced that both Malkin and Gonchar are going to be playing for Russia in Worlds. My Russian team! I do feel bad for the guys who had to be sent home for them to play though. Worlds and World Cup soccer is seriously the only thing really keeping me happy right now. Well them and these kittens and coffee and friends iming me to make sure I am ok, but STILL.

Speaking of coffee I have to laugh when my mom refers to regular Folgers coffee as "The real stuff." I am like if I had the money you guys have I would buy better coffee. JUST SAYING. 
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10 May 2010 @ 11:44 pm
Shenans  )
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09 May 2010 @ 09:57 pm
 So I cried on the phone with my mom today. I felt terrible because it's mother's day and I am having so many problems at home that I just broke down. I really never cry so you know it's bad if I am sobbing over something. Basically what happened is we talked about me moving here and I am going to wait until the semester is over to decide. I am going to be staying here for two weeks to get all my homework done and my mom gave me a key so I can get in and out. Even if I just use it as a get away spot to study or relax I think it will help a lot.

My mom and step dad were nice enough to take me to ikea and buy me a desk so I could have a spot to do homework here and keep some books here. IKEA named the desk Fredrik so now I refer to the desk as such and my mom and step dad think it's hilarious. Because it is. 

Also I have a huge crush on IKEA's coffee cup/pot section. They have turkish coffee makers. My heart!

Edit: I can hear my mom's bulldog snoring downstairs. This should not be cute.
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09 May 2010 @ 02:38 am
 Clusterfuck weekend is a clusterfuck. I got into another argument with my grandmother about my dad. He's seriously loud. I can hear all his phone conversations all day every day through my wall and he blasts his music all the time. And I told my grandmother that it's ridiculously distracting to have constant loud obnoxious noise going all day and she told me to go to my mom's house and I told her to go fuck herself and then I went to my friend's house. I am super mad because last week I was cheering a hockey game and my grandma told me to be quiet and I told her if everyone else gets to be loud all the time then why is it a problem the one time I am louder than normal.  I cannot wait until I move for my PhD and just have a quiet respectful life of academia and shenanigans. Milk crate furniture, mattress on the floor and xbox here I come. 

That actually sounds epic. Just me and an x-box and some books. Naps galore. Drinking coffee all day and not getting nagged at about being a vegetarian. 

So I am over at my friends' house and I seriously got more work done in one day than I would have all weekend. I have the power point presentation done and am halfway done with editing my presentation speech. FML I do not want to make this speech. I love that everyone I try to freak out about my thesis presentation at has unwavering confidence in my abilities, but I would still like to be able to freak out about it before the presentation. 

Also today Alie and I went ice skating. It went better than I thought it would go and we were singing Beatles songs obnoxiously loud. Then I fell on my knee and now it feels achy. The end. 
05 May 2010 @ 01:54 pm

I got my guitar calluses back! Finally. Now I can practice longer and do more stuff again. Why did I stop playing for years again?

Oh well. Now I can finish re-learning Stairway to Heaven and Tchaikovsky and learn Fleet Foxes songs and play Bad Romance too much. THE END.
Also! I was able to catch up on homework and am done with an entire class (the one that will lead to my name in a published book!) so I have been going through the music on my computer. I have currently deleted 1600+ songs and counting so I will be doing that music post I promised soon.
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 So I am finally caught up with schoolwork for the most part and am now working on my thesis presentation. Including a ridiculous power point presentation. I can't even remember the last time I used power point so this is going to be fun. 

Other uneventful things today: power walking on the treadmill, wearing heels so I could tap out the drum rhythm of songs with my feet while I do homework, laughing hysterically at nonsense, listening to Jay Z and having to stop because I was getting way too into rapping along.  

In other words a normal day in my life. Now I have to keep calm, and save Rohan. 

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02 May 2010 @ 05:23 pm
 Earlier today I proclaimed it "Listen to all the Beatles albums in the order they were made" day.  I started with the songs they did with Tony Sheridan and am currently on Rubber Soul. So I've gotten through seven albums so far. I have eight more albums to get through because I seriously own too many Beatles albums. I even have the unreleased bootleg albums with all their demos and bsides on them. 

The number one reason I have a twitter: Talking to Brian Schechter. Right now we are talking about how he is going to catch AIDS from being too close to Trace Cyrus and I recommended cheesecake as a decontamination option. [ profile] momebie is a terrible influence on my life because normally Schechter and I just talk about food. What is this. 

Speaking of food the veggie Hawaiian burger at Islands is very delicious. Except the teriyaki sauce made it really ridiculously hard to keep the burger from flinging random pieces of lettuce at me so I just ate the lettuce and then the burger. Problem solved. 

Other than shenanigans I am working on final paper assignments and working on getting copyright information and prices for art that is going in to a book (I am technically going to be a published historian when this gets printed). Then I have to write blurbs about the artists and the paintings by thursday and then I will be done with that class. 

I also have to work on my prospectus presentation powerpoint and speech and I do not want to do this because I do not want to speak in front of a group of people I know. THE END. 

Back to homework now. 

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26 April 2010 @ 11:51 am
 Dreams about the zombie apocalypse have now been replaced with hockey dreams and ones with me meeting Tim Gunn and talking about him being Iron Man in a comic book. 

I have three weeks until my Thesis Prospectus presentation and I DNW. I DNW so hard. >:| I hate public presentations because I start getting all vocally wobbly and start STUTTERING WORDS and it's just ridiculous. So I am hopeful that I will do well but I KNOW I WILL BE RIDICULOUS once I get to the podium. 

IN OTHER NEWS. I think I am over being sick now that I blew my nose so much I almost made myself throw up. It would have been funny if I wasn't so disgustingly sick for two weeks prior to this moment. At least today I feel better. 

I think I am going to go eat a box of blackberries to celebrate while I read about the French and the British getting into Naval slap fights over territories in Canada that were a waste of time. What Stephen Colbert would refer to as the owls of Colonial America.

Edit: This is officially the best article I have read in two semesters. For some ridiculously wrong reasons and my love for war in the 18th century and Napoleon. It's love.
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21 April 2010 @ 09:13 pm
SO APPARENTLY I GOT MYSELF DRUNK OFF TWO SMALL DRINKS. CONGRATULATIONS TO ME. At least I got homework done before this point. Which is a Christmas miracle because I am STILL SICK. And now drunk. 

THE CAPS WON THOUGH. So they just have to win one more to win this series. YAY. 

ALSO I am actually doing really well playing guitar despite not playing for like three years. I had major issues with esteem for a while there but now I don't care what people think of me and can torture everyone with all my ridiculous hobbies and die alone.  And I am drunk and not wearing pants. THE END.
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The Avs lost in OT. >:| And I spent all day working on two papers and went to school sick and the teacher pushed one of them to next week so I didn't even need to go. AAAAAAAAAANGST. I am going to go watch Doctor Who on BBCA and eat something and call it a day.  I said good day. 

Also! My friend from my summer internship said they hired me in her department so I actually have a job this summer. Hurrah! 

EDIT: Apparently when my grandma said she was going to the store to buy me apples, what she meant was ALL YOU EAT IS APPLES AND YOGURT, DON'T THINK I DIDN'T NOTICE, SO HERE IS A HUGE BAG OF APPLES. DEAL WITH IT. This is what love is, guys.
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16 April 2010 @ 05:05 pm
My thesis proposal has been officially approved by my entire committee. I do need to tweak it before I do my presentation, but I knew that was going to happen so I am not surprised. I am surprised that my chair said my proposal was one of the best ones she's gotten. Either those other ones were super crappy or... Who knows. I am always relatively shy about my academic abilities so I should probably stop that and just be fierce. 

I have other homework I need to work on this week but yesterday I woke up feeling like death so I just finished the homework due last night and called it a day. Today I do not feel good either so I am taking a break but I need to start reading some stuff tonight. I thought a nap would help but the nap made me want more sleep so... fail on that plan. ZING!  Hopefully my allergy meds will wear off soon and I won't feel as tired. Which means they won't and I'll have to read some shit while all ridiculous on meds.

Also the place I intern in the summer called and I am getting the internship again this summer. THANK GOD. I was stressing out about not having a job this summer. 

[ profile] yeahrobots and I started having a mind fuck wednesday that is turning into mindfuck week. I think it's going to turn into AU April. So far we are embracing the mind fuckiness and talking about Ivan the terrible creating electricity so George Washington can hot glue his wooden toe on his body so mindfuck week is actually turning into a ridiculous creative advantage to us. It's also funny to call each other Kirk and McCoy because THAT was hilarious to figure out. [ profile] yeahrobots practically broke her toe and is using electrical tape so I was berating her and she was shrugging it off and we just realized who we really resemble when it comes down to it. Jesus fuck this week.

ALSO IT'S THE STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS! My Colorado Avalanche mindfucked everyone and won their game on Wednesday (MINDFUCK WEDNESDAY WAS SPREADING IT'S MIND FUCK TO HOCKEY). Unfortunately the Caps lost their first game, but I am confident they will turn this around and win their set. Actually all the teams I thought were going to win their first game lost except the Avalanche, but I wasn't 100% sure the Avs were going to bring their A game instead of their failboat game so... 

The second round of games starts tonight except  for the Chicago and Nashville game, which is the first of their set. MIND FUCK WEEK. What is this? 

I am going to have a stress heart attack by the end of April at this rate is what all this means. They are gonna find me curled around my guitar on the floor with my heart exploded all over the place. 

Edit: ALSO Rush is touring this summer! So I get to see Neil Peart perform in real life!

AND Roger Waters announced a tour where he is going to perform the wall in its entirety. THIS SUMMER IS GOING TO BLOW MY FACE OFF.
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06 April 2010 @ 10:03 pm

Also, in case you're wondering, the way to [ profile] gisforgreen 's heart is via a French hockey-playing Boba Fett who speaks Russian and will marry her on the ice at an Avs game. Also, with bread. Y'all may want to file that info away for future use. ;)
Oh har har, [ profile] marilla82 mock me!  >:| I think it's pretty bad ass that I know what I love in life and accept it!
  • SPEAKING OF HOCKEY. I just lived the longest two hours of my life stressing the hell out over the Avalanche vs Canucks game. It went to OT and then a shoot out and then at the LAST POSSIBLE second the Avalanche WON and are now GOING TO THE PLAY OFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY! I am shaking. It's ridiculous but I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D MY TEAM DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was after the Washington Capitals SPANKED the Penguins 6-3. YES. My teams did so well today! It was worth all the stress for this moment! PLAY OFFS!!!!!!
  • I had another thing to update. What was it? OH YEAH. Boba Fett. I have this boba fett key chain I got for Christmas and this guy at the library noticed it and it sparked a long conversation about the Star Wars prequels that ended up with us praising Grievous and mocking Jar Jar Binks. ALL IN A DAY'S WORK FOR BOBA FETT! 

In other news after firefox 3.6.2 had a massive meltdown and refused to work with flash or java I have switched over to google chrome. I found similar extension that I had for firefox and they actually work better. PLUS google chrome does this: cut for magic )

Oh hi there all the websites I actually use the most. I don't even have to type out your web address. I can just click on a pretty picture and BAM. Actually this is funny because I go on WAAAAY more than facebook, but facebook showed up on this list first. Jerk!

Also you can use the url bar as a search engine. MY HEART. Streamlined internet for the win! 

Despite all this hoopla I actually got homework done today. A++ for me!

ALSO: What the hell is with livejournal's html now? You can't copy paste? What is this crap? >:|
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05 April 2010 @ 12:32 am
I wish I could say that my second day off went smoother than my first, but then I had to run around replacing the ink and paper for the printer so I could do my homework tomorrow and that ended up taking two hours. So I was REALLY FUCKING MAD and so I went and lectured my grandparents about it because seriously I am the youngest person in the house so maybe everyone else could try being a responsible adult and not leave shit for me to do when I need to be focusing on homework. If you use all of something replace it. If you spill something clean it up. LIKE A BOSS.

After that debacle I watched Paper Heart on netflix and then went to the beach again for another three hours. I had to check and see if it was broken. It wasn't.

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04 April 2010 @ 02:35 am
These past few weeks I got so caught up in doing homework, and taking naps instead of actually sleeping, that I ended up getting a week ahead of schedule. So I am taking the weekend off to you know. Actually sleep. 

Well. Sleep and watch movies. I got through Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon (Favorites), Hannibal (SO SLOW AND BORING. This movie felt like it took 2 years to get through) and the new episode of Doctor Who today. I would have watched more, but I spent a few hours completely messing up some gnocchi (not enough flour= boiling water filled with inedible mashed potatoes) and talking to [ profile] marilla82 on the phone when I was kind of drinking a lot of Vodka and couldn't stop giggling. 

Also I spent nearly three hours at the beach: 


Tomorrow I am going to make some peanut butter milkshakes, sleep, go ice skating and probably watch Hannibal Rising, Slap Shot and The Pacific.  And whatever hockey games are on, but you should just assume that I am watching hockey as much as I can. 

EDIT: Apparently that really loud weird noise that scared the pants off of me in the middle of the night was me accidentally kicking the alarm clock off my dresser. GOOD TO KNOW.
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28 March 2010 @ 01:01 pm
I would apologize for the lack of posts, but I honestly don't care that I've just been posting Writer's Block entries. They are short and sweet and show you a part of my life/interests/personality that you may not have known before.

The reason I have been M.I.A. is that I have been steadily chipping away at the multiple projects I need to get done before April 16th when my three week spring break/furlough break ends and I have to go back to focusing on regular school work. I have finished two books, written one paper, started another paper, emailed some publishing companies and am almost done with the first draft of my prospectus, which is due this week.

My allergies have started bothering me again so I was taking that pseudoephedrine based crap and it was fucking me up so I made my grandma get me some benedryl instead because if I have something with antihistamines in it then I won't get congested anyway. I don't need medicinethat fucks me up that bad when I am trying to get shit done.

I have also started going out rollerblading again starting a few weeks ago. I quit because when I rollerblade people tend to yell at me from cars or hassle me and I got sick of it. Now I go at night when there are less people out and I can rollerblade in the street without having to worry as much about cars. Also when I go at night my asthma doesn't bother me as much and I can stay out for longer.

For some reason my grandma just realized this and so last night when I went out to dinner with some friends to take a break from homework she was convinced I was on the side of the road, injured, and sent out a search party and the like. Which is really stupid because I CALLED her about me going out to dinner. Also if I was injured I would have called her or 911 so she was just tripping over nothing. When she told me all this I said to her "You made my night sound about ten times more interesting than it was. I just went out and got some enchiladas."

My life. So exciting, guys.
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14 February 2010 @ 01:19 am
Thanks for the pedo bears and thanks to [ profile] marilla82 for the golf clubs and the woooie cushion. What even. Also don't be offended if I don't spam you with pedo bears because LJ doesn't list any of these things as available for me. Probably because I abused my snowflake cookie privileges when I cookie spammed the internet. Wow this paragraph is retarded.

Anyway today I hung out with [ profile] mokuyoubinogaki . We went to FIDM to see the Sherlock Holmes and Star Trek movie costumes. And talked about Seams because we are that kind of nerd apparently. Then we went to Amoeba and then over to my friends Aley and Laura's house warming shindig that Alie and I made macaroni and cheese from scratch for.

Random info that will be of no use to you (you are welcome in advance):
  • someone complimented my comic book iron man shirt. 
  • Days of Future Passed on vinyl on the cheap. One of my favorite albums ever
  • Modest Mouse
  • German Chocolate cake frozen coffee thingie.
  • Alie can sing so well that it's embarrassing to sing around her.
  • Singing Abed and Troy's Spanish rap is ridiculous in real life. FYI
  • Sisterhood of the traveling sparkle hoodie. It's in my possession. I must use it for good and not evil. Drat.
  • We have two things of brandy and two things of Kahlua that mysteriously live in a cupboard. So I liberated some of the brandy for my tea. The liquor that lives in the cupboard under the stairs. The brandy that lives in my tea. If we get owls for it to go to hogwarts I am going to be jealous.
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