14 November 2010 @ 03:52 pm
  • Last night I had a really eccentric dream about a baseball amusement park where you could meet the Giants when you got off the ride and everything was in French. And hockey players were involved because of course they were. 
  • I am at the part of the semester where I simultaneously have nothing and everything under control because of the amount of papers and books I am trying to finish for many different projects. So I am constantly waffling through moments of strutting "we bad" moments and moments of pure abject terror. 
  • I got a new flickr account (Here!) and have been slowly uploading my pictures onto it. There are pictures of various sporting events, but right now there are mainly pictures of Russia, as well as various other vacations I have gone on, and random other stuff I found on my external hard drive. 
  • Starting winter break I need to: 1. start looking/sign up for French language programs, 2.find a job where I can work while I write my thesis, 3. start my PhD planning. 
  • My SF Giants world series gear is a city away from me (I have been tracking my order since it shipped) and it's Sunday so I have to wait until tomorrow or Tuesday for it >:| Bitches. 
  • I need to work on an exact plan for my vacation and get a bus ticket from DC to NYC for this winter and I need to start exercising again.
FML I am so busy
Current Music: Hockey: Capitals vs Thrashers. Go Caps!
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