I am on this epic ~quest~ to listen to my ipod A-Z. I got to Bob Dylan before Itunes 10 decided to crash and delete all my playlists. Awesome. So I downgraded to Itunes 9.2.1 and started listening to it all over again. I figure I'd use the deletion of my playlists to really start this project fresh. 

As of right now I have 6758 songs (this is after I went through and deleted about 2500 songs a few months ago) and I have no goal for deletion, but I do want to stop having to skip albums when I have my ipod on shuffle. Then I want to get some fresh music to enjoy. 

In other news: I really don't want to write the paper that is due on Wednesday. I read all the articles and wanted to gouge myself a few times in the middle and now I have to write a cohesive paper about the shenanigans I had to read about.  

Sadly what I really want to do is read all the books on urban history and the French East India company. You can't make me choose my own topic and then expect me to be enthused about the economic history or books I've already read before. It's useless. 

So I'm going to go write this paper right now (using my awesome notes) and turn in a draft. Keep calm, study on.
Current Location: Ninja Training Camp
Current Music: The Black Keys
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