22 October 2010 @ 06:29 pm
  • The Giants lost last night and it was fucking depressing. At least I didn't have to suffer through watching the game. Saturday is the next game and I plan on drinking my way through it. 
  • Last night I finally got to see some of my friends and we went to a gay bar to watch a drag show. My favorite fierce bitch from Ru Paul's Drag Race/U was there (Shannel!!!!) and she is seriously even more hardcore fierce in real life than on the tv (I was proud that I managed to maintain eye contact when it happened). It was awesome! The other two drag queens and the drag king were also really really good. Excellent outfits and song choices all around. Too bad it's during my class though because otherwise I would go hang out every week. :/ My life
  • I am currently watching the Blues/Hawks game. Let me tell you that I am way too fond of the Blues. It's ridiculous and I love them and I don't really care. They are totally holding there own against the Hawks too. 
  • I am actually ahead in school right now. Let's keep this up, yeah?
  • NEWS FLASH: I still don't give a shit about football!
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Current Music: Blues Vs Hawks
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