11 October 2010 @ 10:42 pm
Drive By Update.  
  • Bought a tennis racket and have been playing by myself at the handball courts by my house (cue The Incredible Hulk's The Lonely Man Theme)
  • Changed the way I take notes when I read books in order to improve my academic skills (so far so good)
  •  I think I may have developed a certain level lactose intolerance when I turned into a hippie vegetarian and quit drinking a lot of milk. Something that gets me tons of lectures from my grandmother ("I thought you LIKED milk!" "It tastes funny now! I just have it in my cereal!")
  • The SF Giants won the last two games in a row and won the NLDS. Now they are moving on to the NLCS. Mah team! 
  • HOCKEY TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys. IT'S HOCKEY SEASON! So far the games have been nuts and it's just going to get more intense as the season gets further along.
  • I need to burn new cds for my car. If I have to listen to these ones for another 3 years then I am going to explode.
  • I am so fucking boring right now. The end
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