09 July 2010 @ 10:06 pm
 Today I got my official "advancement to candidacy" confirmation letter in the mail. I think I have to file to graduate next spring after I've completed all my classes, but I am not sure. You have to apply for graduation a year before you are supposed to graduate. This amuses and confuses me so I have to email my thesis chair and confirm that this is real life. 

That reminds me. I need to go through the book list for next semester and pick what books I am going to read for one of my classes and then go to the library. This sounds really ridiculous, but I think I need to make a book timeline and prioritize what books I am going to read and the order I am going to read them in. I mean I already have sort of done this in my head, but if I force myself into a timeline it may pay off more in the long run. IDK. I feel like this summer doesn't really leave me much time/energy to get the hardcore theory books read so maybe if I read the true facts history books about Cambodia, Ivory Coast and Montreal I can get more read. 

This summer is just Bananas. During the regular school year I am busy all the time, but it's usually busy with school so it's just staying in the house and reading/writing, but the summer is a 40 hour work week + driving an hour each way every day plus getting up at 5:30am. I feel that when I have the time to read, that I am too exhausted to really get anything read properly  without taking forever to get it read and analyzed and notes typed up, etc. 

There is this local tv commercial for a car dealership run by this one man, Cal Worthington. They've always played the commercials on tv since I was young and so I've watched this man grow older as I've grown older. Only now he's 90 years old and he's lost a lot of his ability to move and whenever I see the commercials I get really ridiculously sad because I've watched him deteriorate and I know he's going to die soon. So I keep changing the channel when it comes on because it's ALWAYS coming on when I am watching sports and I can't cope with it for some reason. It's very strange to have such an urgent and violent burst of compassion and sadness for someone I have no personal connection with. 
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