07 July 2010 @ 07:06 pm
Got my visa for Russia. Woop woop. (I spend waaaaaaay too much time talking to Jackie B. Actually I don't speak to her nearly enough. We need to get this commune plan to be real life ASAP). 

Just spent way too much time reading an article on stamp price rates and *hands* forgot that I was posting. Life skills. 

Can we please talk about that Germany-Spain game? Spain got their shit together finally and Germany got boned out of a few goals because Spain's goalie decided to be a real boy. *Hands* Now, no matter who wins, a team that has never won a World Cup will win it. HOW COOL IS THAT??? So cool. I am rooting for the Netherlands, even though I am fine with either team winning, just saying. 

I utterly and totally sugar crashed today. It was a nightmare because they took us to do this weird project right as I was going to eat my yogurt and I was fine until 12 when I just felt my sugar levels drop (It was really fucking bizarre) and then I had to walk aaaalllllll the way to the other building and I was just shaking and it was utterly ridiculous. Of course I didn't have any of my glucose tablets with me so I was fucked until I could eat my lunch. The shaky feeling still hasn't gone away even though it's been 7 hours so I took a glucose pill and am hoping that I quit feeling nauseated and shaky before bed. Hypoglycemia can suck it. 

EDIT: Jackie magically came on AIM and this is the first thing we started to talk about: 

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