03 July 2010 @ 09:22 pm
 It's only 8:14 pm? Really? I feel like I was uber productive and waffly at the same time. Like woops I made an entire weeks' worth of food in one day and then I sat there and giggled over Henrik Zetterberg's picture on wikipedia when I was looking at his stats. Then I read Kafka, then I lost my shit over this Bravo show "Bethanny Getting Married" (I think?) and now I am marathoning it because everything she says is cracking me up so hard. Then I am typing up my notes on Said and then I am listening to this jazz/rain combo tumblr made me seduce myself with and looking at world cup pictures on tumblr. Is this my future? Am I going to be 60 and alone and listening to motherfucking yanni drunk off my ass with my cats laughing at espn? Is this what's going to happen?

Then I started learning a bunch of Joy Division songs and jizzed in my pants. Day over. Nothing could possibly top this ok? 

I need to move the liquor bottles out of my room. I look like a fucking alcoholic with vodka on my dresser and JD on my desk. Like my room is a motherfucking speak easy and you have to say the password at the door and do the charleston in order to drink rum out of a bathtub, ok? What is this.  

Also the World Cup was amaaaaaaazing. Well. Watching Germany beat the shit out of Argentina was amazing. "I laughed, I cried. It was better than Cats."

If it's not a Netherlands vs Germany final then there is something wrong with this world. More so than usual. More so than the amount of liquor I have in the cabinets. It's shaming me. "Your friend gave you all this liquor not because she was moving to Texas, but because she wanted you to be shamed every time you went to eat some cereal." "This is the rum speaking. SHAAAAAAAAAAAAME." 
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