30 June 2010 @ 07:35 pm
  • Had a Yankees dream last night. Jackie B and I were in NY watching them practice before a game. It was kind of bad ass. ♥ After DC I think the next trip I am planning is to NY. Even if it's after I move for my doctorate. Jackie and I HAVE to go to a yankees game together. It's now part of the commune rules. 
  • Some guys at work were randomly stretching their arms in the parking lot so the other intern and I started doing the sprinkler, running man, cabbage patch and the hammer dance to show them how it's really done. Like a boss.
  • I seriously just listened to the new Sparklehorse/Danger Mouse album Dark Night of the Soul (you can listen here for free on NPR) ALL DAY. ON A LOOP. I WAS SO HAPPY. It was ridiculous. 
  • Espn finally replayed the Spain/Portugal game. If only they would play the Slovakia/Netherlands game. If they don't it's ok. I found a place to download ALL the World Cup games. So I'll just watch that this weekend. This game was so tight. I can't believe anyone scored outside a shoot out. Just saying. 
  • Guessed 7/8 of the Round of Sixteen games right. Boo yah.
  • I also need to watch the last two episodes of Dr. Who but they keep playing baseball games I want to watch (Yankees! Giants!!!!) so I have to watch them.
  • I am almost done with Culture and Imperialism by Edward Said. I think I am going to read The Trial by Kafka next since I got back into my Kafka loop.
  • Getting knitting done.
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