26 June 2010 @ 07:47 am
The group stages of the World Cup are over and the Round of Sixteen has begun. The Ivory Coast did not make it, but after seeing their point total from their last game and their overall game play I am very very proud of them. I am also very proud of Switzerland. Considering the group they were in and that they defeated Spain in game one I think they did very well for themselves. 

I really want Slovakia, Germany or Ghana to go through to the next round. I also would not be disappointed if Mexico, the Netherlands (I know they are playing Slovakia, but still.), or Japan went through. I want a non-cup winner to win and I want it to be someone people wrote off or didn't expect because it would be great for them but also because it would fit the overall pattern of the WC games so far. Lots of surprises. 

I also went to the first round of the NHL draft. I was surprised at the low number of D-men chosen, especially for the Caps, but there is always draft rounds 2-7 today.

Speaking of the draft... I got to see the stanley cup. I am so fucking ridiculously excited that I got this chance. You have no idea. I also picked out Sidney Crosby at the Pens table about 1/2 hour into it and spent the next hour or two debating if I was right or not until it was confirmed. The draft is exciting when they announce the people and show their interviews, but there are huge periods of nothing so I was just entertaining myself with this. Which is really retarded but whatever. 

Now I need to put on pants and eat before I have to go back today. I think I am going to eat nachos for lunch. My epic life plans. Let me show them to you
Current Music: Uruguay vs South Korea
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