23 June 2010 @ 06:54 pm
 Holy shitballs. The world cup is seriously BLOWING MY MIND. Mostly with WTFery but still pretty great. I am really really really sad about all the bs going down. However. Can I please just say how much I am loving Argentina's coach right now? Maradona is seriously the shit and I am so glad that Argentina is doing well, even if they aren't a team I particularly follow. They are playing world cup soccer and I am heartily glad that they are or I would have gone nuts with all these lackluster performances. I have been talking about my poor French team on my other social places so I am not going to rehash it here except to say I am really sad for them because of what has gone down, especially Yoan Gourcuff. Poor guys. I still love my team.

Hilariously enough I was reading this article on people getting all fucked up tired and sick because of watching the world cup and then I realized I hadn't eaten dinner in three days because of watching the world cup and was like FML. It was kind of awesome  in a really stupid way. 

Friday and Saturday I am going to the NHL draft for the first time and I am going to get to see the Stanley Cup in person and I am totally flipping out in excitement. I can't wait. *flails* 

In a bit of real life news: I scan for 8 hours a day and read my book during breaks. Very exciting shit, am I right?
Current Music: Germany vs Ghana
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