13 June 2010 @ 10:46 am
 This weekend has been ridiculously busy so far. 

Friday I drove from work to the Largo in LA to go see Henry Rollins, who hasn't performed in LA in a few years, speak. I had bought tickets for saturday, but they had over sold and so I went and saw him on Friday instead and ended up getting placed in the front row to make up for the switch. Which was a very classy move and was something I did not expect. The Largo is seriously an excellent venue all around and I wish there were more shows relevant to my interests there. 

I had driven to LA straight from work because after 5:30 it's a total nightmare to deal with the traffic going north so I just talked to [livejournal.com profile] marilla82 and [livejournal.com profile] marienne_made on the phone as I walked around target and then went to go get a sandwich from subway. Let me tell you that their veggie subs are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than any of the meat filled subs that I have had there. What a motherfucking switch that was. I was like "eugh subway" and now I am like "SPINACH ON A SUUUUUUUUUUUUUB." Fucking nerd.  ANWAY Henry Rollins is seriously a really nice, smart, stand up guy and I totally love him as a human being as well as a musician/comedian/whatever. He's so hilarious too. It's ridiculously amazing how he can seriously go from talking about the charity that the proceeds from the ticket could go to to something super fucking ridiculous to something serious like Apartheid and then onto something else ridiculous without breaking the moment or making less of the severity of the situation etc etc. I really really adore his stupid face and if you have any sense in you, you should go see him perform. Seriously one of my favorite people ever. So genuine. 

Saturday I was invited to a birthday party in the evening and a world cup party in the morning. So I basically  got up at 5:30 am on Friday, drove to RSM/south Orange County, drove to LA, drove home, went to bed at 2 am because I was too amped from Henry Rollins to sleep right away, woke up at 8:30 am Saturday, took a shower, drove to the WC party at 10am, drank/ate and watched the game and hung out until 4:30 pm-ish, then drove home to pick up the food for the party, drove to Long Beach at 5pm, then drank/ate/whatever until 12 and then drove home. Exhausting and I still smell like bonfire smoke, but what a motherfucking amazing day it was. Totally worth it.

Today I am just going to laze about/ read and then maybe drive to Long Beach to see Exit Through the gift shop before I drive to Huntington Beach to watch the season premier of True Blood. 

Ps. What the fuck, World Cup? What the actual fuck have the games been so far? YOUR LIFE! This shit better stop at the group stages. Let me tell you. I AM LOOKING AT YOU, FRANCE AND ENGLAND AND ARGENTINA ETC. 

Also I would like to thank and cuddle [livejournal.com profile] tanisafan for the extremely helpful World Cup spreadsheet she made and sent to me to keep track of the point/win-loss shenanigans.
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