06 June 2010 @ 02:50 pm
Finally finished that weird book I had to read for my thesis, which had a brilliant introduction by Sartre, and then got 80 pages into another one before I realized that it was too specifically focused on Algeria for me to gain anything from it to use to approach other decolonization processes. So now I am on to reading a book by Edward Said, whose work I adore, and then some by Homi Bhabha. I love their work so much. It's not unbiased by any means but it provides rilliant Post-Colonial theories to use when thinking about wars of decolonization, developing nations, etc. 

Watched some baseball today. Toronto beaned Cervelli with a ball and then beaned someone else. What is this? NY won then SF won and stopped Toronto and Pittsburgh from getting sweeps. BAM. Go San Fran!

I am so excited for the World Cup to start. It's starting to get fucking ridiculous. I am gleefacing in anticipation and am all bouncy and excited. I'm going to miss the first night because of Henry Rollins getting switched around >:| so I hope Fifa puts that shit online. Or I'm going to be pissy that I missed France's first game. Rah rah galaragga!!! 

Dear hockey god: Please don't let Philly win this. I will throw up in my own mouth and choke to death on it like Jimi Hendrix >:| Chicago, get your fucking shit together. What is this motherfucking -13 +/- average for these playoffs? 

Last night my friend had a True Blood season 2 marathon and season two was just as fucking annoying as I remembered but it has enough really really good parts to make it even out. Even though my friend kept shouting about how hot Erik is. Which, hello duh, but seriously if you have nothing to say beyond that it gets obnoxious. Blah blah blah my feelings rant rant rah. 

Tomorrow I start work and have to get up at 5:30 = cranky mccrankerson. I've been trying to alter my sleep schedule but we'll see how successful I am tomorrow. Speaking of work I need to go pack my lunch and get my stuff set out etc. Also I should make green bean curry and go to the library today and get more books but that means changing out of my pjs and leaving my room. Eugh being an adult is hard work, guys. 
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