16 May 2010 @ 11:46 am
Been getting shit done and wearing women's underwear. Like Cary Grant.  
First off I need to mention that my fighting the zombie hoard dreams are back. Now they include hockey players fighting along side me. My brain finally realized it could mix the two when I was sleeping. I need to do some research and see if there is any hockey zombie or sports zombie movies and then binge watch them to make these dreams occur more often apparently. 

My thesis prospectus presentation was on Friday and it actually went extremely well. The professors responded really positively to it and were very enthusiastic about it. They did not have any major issues with it other than I should just some cities out to save time or think about other contexts to work in etc. Nothing major like the other presenters got, as in how is this original research. To me, the whole point of getting into history and going on to get my masters and PhD is to add new topics and research to the field, if only for my own financial/career benefit.  

Luckily my friend Holly offered to take notes for me during the Question and Answer period so I could keep track of the detailed suggestions/questions/etc. and send an email to my committee so we could keep track of everything etc. I got a lot of great suggestions and will probably be cutting Tahiti out of my Thesis. I am going to write a paper on it at some point because of the amount of research I have done and the interest I have in it. If only so I can do it proper justice by adding the Cold War context to the section without having to this context to my whole Thesis, which would just be a huge mess to tackle. I am going to start a file just for this and maybe I will work on it to turn in for the History awards next year and then save it for later publication. This would be a good way to get myself further into the Post-Colonial World field. 

In other news I am still trying to tie up loose ends on the copyright situation but a good chunk of them still haven't responded back to my email so I have no idea what is going on with them. I will probably send my professor an email with those that I am waiting for a response back from and the date I sent the email so he can keep track of it. As of right now this book is going to be published summer 2011 so fingers crossed! They will be giving us each a copy of this too! My first published work, guys. 

I seriously need to get this other paper done though. I am seriously done with this semester and want to relax before I start work and more research. 
Current Music: NHL- Post Season Caps Interviews. Now that I am not as sad.
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Tanni: reading glasses[identity profile] tanisafan.livejournal.com on May 16th, 2010 10:47 pm (UTC)
hee, look at you all ambitious and shit <3. I knew you were gonna kill the presentation <3.

You're gonna be publishedddd, so deeply awesome!
[identity profile] gisforgreen.livejournal.com on May 17th, 2010 12:42 am (UTC)
Look at me all living my nerdy academic dreams. WHAT IS THIS.

Also! Thank you for your prediction. I appreciate the support. :P