09 May 2010 @ 02:38 am
 Clusterfuck weekend is a clusterfuck. I got into another argument with my grandmother about my dad. He's seriously loud. I can hear all his phone conversations all day every day through my wall and he blasts his music all the time. And I told my grandmother that it's ridiculously distracting to have constant loud obnoxious noise going all day and she told me to go to my mom's house and I told her to go fuck herself and then I went to my friend's house. I am super mad because last week I was cheering a hockey game and my grandma told me to be quiet and I told her if everyone else gets to be loud all the time then why is it a problem the one time I am louder than normal.  I cannot wait until I move for my PhD and just have a quiet respectful life of academia and shenanigans. Milk crate furniture, mattress on the floor and xbox here I come. 

That actually sounds epic. Just me and an x-box and some books. Naps galore. Drinking coffee all day and not getting nagged at about being a vegetarian. 

So I am over at my friends' house and I seriously got more work done in one day than I would have all weekend. I have the power point presentation done and am halfway done with editing my presentation speech. FML I do not want to make this speech. I love that everyone I try to freak out about my thesis presentation at has unwavering confidence in my abilities, but I would still like to be able to freak out about it before the presentation. 

Also today Alie and I went ice skating. It went better than I thought it would go and we were singing Beatles songs obnoxiously loud. Then I fell on my knee and now it feels achy. The end. 
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LIKE A BOSS. Can I be you when I grow up?