08 May 2010 @ 12:32 am
 I am officially done with one class this semester. I still have to keep up with copyright stuff but that is not going to happen until I have gotten all my shit together for my thesis presentation this Friday. 

Basically for this class I had to select images, turn them in, get them approved or fix them and repeat for about two months. Then I had to email publishers and copyright holders about prices and then resubmit the images with more new images as well as captions about the paintings and the artists. It doesn't sound like much, and it really wasn't in comparison with the amount of reading/editing/etc. that other students did, but it was a lot of work and I am glad to be done with the majority of it. 

Once this gets rolling I will end up with my name in a published book and will get a copy of it.

Now I need to work on a power point presentation and edit my prospectus into a speech for this Friday. I went to the history awards banquet tonight and found out that other people know about it because of an email so now there is going to be all these people I've had classes there watching me. Fail. 

For my other class I am powering through a bunch of articles and books and writing notes about how the European powers planned towns/fortifications in colonies. Which does not sound interesting, but it is heavily tied into ideas from the Renaissance as well as the Enlightenment. So basically the Enlightenment kind of gave European powers the idea that the Americas were an uncultured blank slate so Spain and Portugal created laws governing the development of towns in order to use Renaissance ideas of organization to test potential construction styles for the Metropole. Montreal, however, was developed much more organically and after the French left the social and economic needs of the town were ignored in favor of military projects and citizens. 

It is really interesting to look at the different approaches and how this shows different insights into the Colonial-Metropole relationship. 

Ok I am off to google people like Frantz Fanon. It's such a hardship to finally get to write about what I want! 

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